Be My Princess – The Prologue (Non-Gree)

Story Premise

In this Otome game, you are an exchange student in the Charles Kingdom.  While wandering around on your first day off, you encounter a random old man.  Because you are a generous soul, you offer him a shoulder massage and are awarded his number in return.  (Nobody can accuse you of not having game.)  From there, you stumble into an oh-so-random course of events that end with you incidentally attending a ball and being propositioned by your choice of 1 of 6 princes… or a butler.

Who do you choose?

Okay, okay.  You’re right.  My interpretation of the BMP prologue is not entirely accurate.  (And if you did not realize that, I suggest you download the app and check it out for yourself!  The prologue is free to enjoy.)  However, it is not entirely incorrect either.  🙂  Let’s move on to a brief description of the eye candy.

The Princes (+ 1 Butler)

Prince Edward: The kind silver haired prince who starts comparing you to a beautiful flower before even introducing himself.  He drops a lot of flowery language on the MC.  Image

Prince Keith: The arrogant prince who barely spares you a glance after his butler’s driving splashes mud all over your clothes.Image

Prince Wilfred: The enigmatic prince who stops to briefly talk to you when he realizes that he hasn’t seen you at any previous parties.  Image

Prince Roberto: The flirtatious, lighthearted one who isn’t afraid to grab your hand within the first 10 seconds of making your acquaintance.Image

Prince Joshua: The stern one who can drink really well.  Image

Prince Glenn: The young one who appears to be the most jaded prince of them all.  Image

Oh, and don’t forget Zain.  He is the handsome butler of the old man we meet in the prologue. Image

As of right now, I have only completed Joshua and Keith’s main stories.  Those walkthroughs and reviews will go up as soon as I get a chance to get to them.

Overall Impressions thus far

Love: That there are 3 endings.  From the pattern that is emerging, the Normal ending consists of “we love each other, but for one reason or another, we can’t be together.”  The Happy ending has the MC and hero in love and together forever.  And the Good ending falls somewhere between the two.  I appreciate stories, whether they end with a happy or sad ending, so I enjoy checking out all three endings.

Annoying: Even though MC is a college student, once she is whisked away to the corresponding kingdom of her prince, being a college student is no longer a priority.  (Of course, this may differ depending on the prince you choose.)


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