My Sweet Bodyguard – The Prologue (Non-Gree)

Image(Love this Screencap.  I believe it comes from Katsuragi’s story.)

Story Premise

A new Prime Minister has just been announced when you get accosted by a man wielding a gun in the street.  Luckily, your prince in shining armor some strange girl arm wrestles with the man until he gives up and runs away (Sora’s arm wrestling skills > a gun).  Before you know it, you are hustled into a helicopter by a random cute guy – Subaru.  Once in the helicopter, he tries to boss you around until you slap him.   You end up slapping him so silly that he responds by hugging you.  (I’ve got to learn this trick.  Usually, when I slap someone, it pisses them off.)  A second guy – Mizuki – on the helicopter offers you some chocolate and hums a song in an effort to calm you during the rest of the ride.

Once you land, you meet the man in charge – Katsuragi – and reunite with a childhood friend bully – Kaiji.  You are finally informed of the fact that you are the new Prime Minister’s daughter, and your life is in danger.  You must choose a bodyguard to protect you until you are no longer threatened.

Subaru: The cocky one who gets right in your face and makes a comment about how you lack any experience with males.

Kaiji: Your childhood friend who judo chops Subaru for being rude.Image

Sora: The pretty one who wears dresses when he rescues you from men with guns.Image

Mizuki: Used to be a celebrity before jumping ship and becoming a bodyguard.Image

Katsuragi: The serious man in charge of the bodyguard team. Image

Oh, and Ishigami.  The one you don’t meet in the prologue.  Not technically a bodyguard.  Is usually disagreeing with the bodyguards in the other main stories.Image


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