Soji Higashiyama – Main Story Review

IMG_0415(Why hello there, gorgeous!)

Basic Story Premise: Ginnosuke Oguri, the Hotel King, wants to design a Japanese Style relaxation room with a ceramic vase created by Soji Higashiyama as its centerpiece.  Soji is well respected as a ceramicist, but is known to be a difficult man to deal with.  You head over to his studio in the countryside to try to convince him to take on the project.  You and Soji both recognize and remember one another from high school.  As your story unfolds, you remember the first time you met Soji: You were a freshman in high school, and he was still in junior high.  You had just finished watching a sad, moving movie when he noticed your tears.  The two of you share a special moment.  However, the next time you meet, you have already started to date Genji Higashiyama, Soji’s older brother.

If you are looking for a spoiler-free walkthrough, go here.  If you want to read my review and see a few of my favorite screenshots (and the CGs), continue on.


First of all, if you are looking for a suave sweet-talker, you’ve come to the wrong man.  A lot of your conversations with Soji will look like this:

Sweet Talk… Indeed.  When he does manage to offer you a few compliments, they don’t always sound like a compliment either.

However, Soji does have his profoundly adorable moments…IMG_0425

And seriously, how cute is his younger self?IMG_0416Soji is a stubborn, quiet character who is not afraid of slamming the door in your face.  Repeatedly.  Even though he is a brilliant artist and very good looking, he is not very good with people.  He is very different from his charismatic older brother who he used to be very close to in high school.  Once you break past his gruff exterior, you realize that Soji is a very kind, gentle individual.

My Opinion: Personally, I enjoyed Soji’s story even if it didn’t make me laugh out loud like some other Voltage stories do.  However, I am a fan of both Genji and Soji, and you are romanced (well, as much as Soji can romance) by both brothers in this story.  Like I said earlier, Soji is very different from his loud, outgoing, cocky older brother, but they both share a sweet, gentle side.

Sadly, his story only comes with 3 CGs total.

ImageImageImage The 2nd CG is straight from the movie “Ghost” (Patrick Swayze, anyone?).  The 3rd CG comes with the Super Happy Ending.

The Endings

The story comes with 2 endings: Super Happy and Happy.  Predictably, the Super Happy Ending consists of Soji and MC proclaming their love and living happily ever after.  It came together so neatly that I felt like Voltage wrapped it in gift wrap, tied a ribbon around it, plopped it into my waiting hands, and sent me back on my merry way.   I think I liked the Happy Ending more because it felt more real.  After letting the MC get away, he has to jump through a few more hoops to get her back.  What girl doesn’t appreciate a little extra proof of love from their guy?


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