Shohei Aiba – Main Story Review

Image(Precious Shohei.  He sure does know how to make a girl feel special.)

If you are looking for a spoiler-free walkthrough, go here.  If you want to read a review and see a few of my favorite screenshots (and the CGs), take a peek here.


Shohei is full of bad jokes.Image

And he is clumsy.  Physically and with words…Image

And yet, he cares about you, the MC, a great deal.  This shot sums up his dedication to you very nicely.Image

Shohei is kind and always willing to put others before himself.  He wants to be cool, but always finds himself in awkward situations — like when he unknowingly invites you out to a gay bar and gets groped.

The Story

Image(Oh, I remember!  That’s when I accidentally grabbed Torasunake’s wrist and — Hold on.  Whoops.  That would be from Office Secrets.  My bad, wrong story.)

Premise: At a work party with Koichi, you observe him kissing another woman. Again.  You choose to confront him about it, and he informs you that he is serious about his relationship with his mistress.  You obtain a divorce and throw yourself into your work in an effort to forget about Koichi.  And then you live happily ever after.  Just kidding.  If you did, there would be no story.  Not to worry: Nanami, a coworker, is around to create some drama in your life.  She gossips about you, hates your successes, and throws herself at Shohei.

As the story unfolds, you learn that Shohei has been in love with you for the past 8 years since you started to work at the design firm.  He even confessed his love to you in the past, but you brushed it off as a joke.  As you struggle in your story, he offers you a shoulder to cry on and a back to ride on when you get too drunk at the bar.  What happens when you realize that you see Shohei as more than just a friend?

My Opinion: Shohei’s story is a cute one that is full of laughs.  No, he doesn’t seduce you with his words or manners.  But his earnest, awkward moments will definitely make you say, “Awwww.”

There are 4 CGs total.


The Endings

There are two endings available: Happy and Super Happy.  The main difference between the two endings is the fact that Shohei is drunk (Happy) versus sober (Super Happy).  Also, during the Super Happy Ending Shohei gives a speech at a ceremony about his inspiration for his work.  His inspiration, of course, is you.


2 thoughts on “Shohei Aiba – Main Story Review

  1. i don’t usually go for the “super nice guy” routes on voltage games but his really hit me. It was definitely a cute story and one of my top 3 fav from IYAT

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