Shohei Aiba – Main Story Walkthrough


Shohei’s main story is available from the Apple Store for $3.99 (US). If you want to read a review of the story and see a few screen shots, click here.  Otherwise, keep reading to check out a walkthrough.


Chapter 1

  • I’m nervous.
  • It has nothing to do with you.

Chapter 2

  • It’s because I don’t have $10,000.
  • How about a bagel and some coffee?

Chapter 3

  • How about a massage?
  • Wipe it off with a cloth.

Chapter 4

  • Why don’t you lay down for a bit?
  • I hope that I can find a new love.

Chapter 5

  • A cooling gel sheet.
  • Take a picture together.

Chapter 6

  • Can I try a bite?
  • Play the shooting gallery.

Chapter 7

  • Give him a band-aid.
  • Give him some water from your bottle.

Chapter 8

  • Nightmares about Koichi.
  • Someone who makes me feel calm.

Chapter 9

  • Lemon verbena aroma.
  • We talked about desserts.

Chapter 10

  • That you look cool these days.
  • Its all thanks to you.

Chapter 11

  • Yeah.
  • Wrap my hans around his waist.

Chapter 12

  • Wait until he wakes up.
  • Press your forehead to his.

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