Koichi Natsukawa – Main Story Review

Image(Oh, Koichi, you always say the — Hold on, are you talking to someone on the phone?!)

If you are looking for a spoiler free walkthrough, click here.  If you want to read my review on this story and see some screenshots, keep reading.  


ImageImageKoichi is a rather cold individual.  The most important thing to him at the moment is his career advancement.  The two of you enter an arranged marriage after meeting 3 times (if you count the time that you met when you were babies).

The Story

Premise: The first 3 chapters of this story occur before and during the prologue itself.  It explains how you meet and agree to the marriage.  As the story progresses, you find yourself at odds with Koichi: he does not believe in love, and his expectations for marriage are very different from yours.  As you struggle to be a good wife while also balancing your new job, Ai, the mistress, shows up and flaunts their affair in your face.  How will you break past Koichi’s stiff, cold exterior and show him that marriage with love is possible?

My Opinion: (If you want to avoid more detailed spoilers, I suggest you stop reading here.)

… Still with me?  Okay!

(Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and personal preference.  There are plenty of individuals out there who love Koichi, and I respect that opinion.)  I personally found this story a hard one to get through.  I realize that, as the last In Your Arms Tonight main story that I was reading, I was already biased against Koichi from how he behaves in the other main stories.  However, I did try to keep an open mind as I progressed through his story.  But come on.  The MC in this story is MUCH more patient than I am.  Here are Koichi’s list of offenses that really pissed me off.

Strike 1: He sneaks away to talk to a woman on the phone.  On your wedding day.  Image

Strike 2: He disappears on the wedding night.  You know something is going on when, on the one night a man is guaranteed to get lucky, he leaves.  Image

Strike 3: In your new apartment, you find yourself sleeping in separate bedrooms.  Oh, and did I mention during the honeymoon you slept in separate beds? Image

Strike 4: He doesn’t wear his wedding ring. Image

Strike 5: You learn that he has been sleeping with his mistress since long before your wedding day. (Yes, you know this from the other stories.  But still.) Image

Strike 6: During a confrontation with the mistress, she slaps you.  And Koichi just stands there like, “Oh.. Don’t do that…” Wow, thanks for the back-up, hubbie.  Especially after you just refused to let me pursue a divorce.  Really appreciate it.

Throughout the story, I definitely agreed with this statement.Image

Fortunately, Koichi does end his relationship with Ai, and the two of you are able to build up a real relationship.  Although, when Genji showed up again towards the end of the story, I wanted to jump into his lap and order him to take me away.  (Sorry, what can I say?  I adore Genji’s arrogant face.)Image

One thing I did really like about Koichi’s story is that Voltage stayed true to events that occur in the prologue.  They did not just take Koichi’s story and throw a superficial bandaid over the cheating.  (Superficial bandaids can include story plots like the following: the MC made a mistake about seeing Koichi in the park with another woman and it wasn’t him after all; The woman was actually his sister and he was not cheating after all; MC was drunk and just imagined the whole scene; etc.)  I respect that Voltage stayed true to the cheating plot and evolved the story with a damaged hero whose personal experiences affected his views on love and marriage.  If you are as patient and kind as MC in this story, you probably won’t dislike Koichi as much as I do.  I just am not that forgiving.  I freely admit that.  🙂

The Endings (More Spoilers!):

There are 2 endings possible: Happy and Super Happy.  Within the Happy Ending, Koichi starts holding up his end of the relationship by helping with chores like shopping and cooking.  He even attempts to cook for you.  Within the Super Happy Ending, you and Koichi have a chance to renew your wedding vows and have a real wedding night, unlike the first time around.


13 thoughts on “Koichi Natsukawa – Main Story Review

  1. Sorry for my language but I f***ing hate this man….omg I got so frustrated while playing…I kinda got angry with the MC as well… Lol hahaha…it’s cuz I hate cheaters…..I could never ever forgive him..

    • I know right? Shohei is just so sweet and kind and then there’s that buttwipe of a husband saying that you have no womanly charms. It’s like, forget you I got Shohei bi-rch tree!

  2. I gave up on Koichi since I was planning to buy his story, but when I had bought Genji’s route for later, I ended up doing Genji because I just adore him in the first episode and the prologue.

  3. I actually bought the stories of the Higashiyamas, Kippei and Kiyoto before Koichi, and I did swear everytime he appeared and smugly enlightened the MC about his weird perspectives of cheating and marriage in those stories.
    But somehow he ends up to be one of my two most fav IYAT chars, with Kiyoto (and the Higashiyamas as my least…) because I think he does have a childlike way of thinking and reactions that I found adorable… well I guess I’m masochistic after all :)) Still, thanks for the review, it’s nice to know someone else’s view, and I just love your reviews for a long time :))))

      • In both routes, the MC is admirably patient… She is… so cool she CAN wait for the love story to improve. She knows when and how to be clingy just enough to convince him to change his mind.
        The thing both chars have in common should be their perspectives on marriage, which are very negative. One is with a family with a dad cheating and a mom accepting it, one had a much older girlfriend who dumped him for a wealthy marriage life. And they turned positive thanks to the MC, and I can totally understand why they fall in love with her. I was like MC you are such a genius beauty…
        The last thing I think both chars are similar is they won’t let go if they want to be by her side and be completely devoted… Both Kiyoto and Koichi, I LOVE their sequels (I never was a big fan of Voltage sequels and DANG! I took a shine to them!) They showed their love and the devotion they have for the MC, I found their love stories super (dramatic and) romantic ;A;

  4. Hi~
    I can truly say that when i first started playing, i was so frustrated with Koichi esp. Since i bought Kippei and Kiyoto before him. But i really, really wanted to play Koichi’s route and im glad i did because atleast he was able to redeem himself in the end and become the husband he is suppose to be. So both he and Kippei are my top favorites. I dont like Kiyoto. I guess it’s cause I dont like younger men. Hehehe.

  5. I played the Kippei route and the Ritsu route but man he seems more of an a-hole in his own route. I wouldn’t even take that and to be SLAPPPED by his mistress? WTF?

  6. I love you i love you!!!!i almost cried and my heart’s kep palpitating lol xD
    Wow!so wow i’m so happy we’re the same i cant believe girls can forgve him just because he’s adorkable in the end//also w oth reasons bt still..how can u forgve an adult mature 30y old man who knows what’s right or wrong who cheats on you on ur very first night wedding??I’m so stressed just by reading his story i cnt live with a cheater who did all those abovementioned things nonchalantly..snriously..

  7. In real life I would never stay with a cheater but with this app I was really curious how his story would develop and how he would change. Koichi’s story is my first purchase and I do not regret it (also I couldn’t decide which of the guys to romance). Yes he is an ass at the beginning but as you progress you start to see changes in him and really we get to know him a little more. Entering into an arranged marriage is tough enough and on top of that you don’t know that person well enough so it was pretty fun going through the ride and learning everything about your partner with the main girl. I eventually fell in love with him. I like a story that has a story line that is complicated with conflicts instead of the girl falling in love with the guy right away. I can’t compare him with other characters but I liked his story. Maybe when there’s a sale I will pick up another story… That is if I can ever figure out who to romance next hahaha.

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