Koichi Natsukawa – Main Story Walkthrough


Koichi’s main story walkthrough for In Your Arms Tonight is available from the Apple Store for $3.99 (US). If you want to read a review of the story and see some screenshots, go here.  If you would like to read a walkthrough to reach the Super Happy Ending, 

Chapter 1

  • Try starting a conversation.
  • Thank you.

Chapter 2

  • He’s a nice guy.
  • Who were you talking to?

Chapter 3

  • In what way?
  • I haven’t eaten yet.

Chapter 4

  • All right.
  • I want to believe those feelings.

Chapter 5

  • That’s not it.
  • Really?

Chapter 6

  • The beginning of a second life.
  • Its nothing like that.

Chapter 7

  • Longevity.
  • Love me.

Chapter 8

  • You look so squemish.
  • What a novel idea.

Chapter 9

  • Do you enjoy saying those things?
  • He’s my superior.

Chapter 10

  • Are you okay with that?
  • Can you really call it quits?

Chapter 11

  • Don’t you have a husband of your own?
  • Yes that’s right.

Chapter 12

  • It can’t be helped.
  • I understand how Koichi feels.

Chapter 13

  • Define good.
  • You don’t have to deny it so strongly.

Chapter 14

  • Hmmm…
  • Jealous?

Chapter 15

  • It must be hard on you.
  • Of course I’d stick with you.

Chapter 16

  • Because it’s Koichi’s choice.
  • Tell that to Koichi.

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