Satsuki Kitaoji – Sequel Review

IMG_0573(Always the gentleman, hm?)

If you are looking for a walkthrough, click here.  If you want to read a review of the story (I will warn you before I jump into spoilers!), 

Story Premise: This story occurs after Satsuki’s Epilogue.  You become concerned about Satsuki overworking himself.  However, just as he finally starts getting the rest he needs, he is thrown into a scandal concerning his work.  You, as the MC, must help Satsuki uncover the truth behind the scandal while also trying to find time to spend with each other.

… You want to read more of my review? Be prepared for spoilers ahead!

… Here goes!

First of all, be prepared for Shoko, disapproving mother of the boyfriend, to make an appearance. Along with a couple new characters… IMG_0566
Madeleine, the fortuneteller with great hair.  And her beautiful daughter, Masako. IMG_0576
Hold on.  Gorgeous?  I think I need to get my eyes checked.  (When I first saw this sprite, I was wondering if Voltage had laid off some artists due to budget cuts.  For someone who was supposed to be “gorgeous” they got real lazy with their art.)

Luckily… it all becomes clearer at the end of the story.  IMG_0584
Ah.  Suddenly, it makes more sense.  Sorry, Masako.  But… yeah.

My Opinion: I enjoyed the new characters that showed up with this story.  Madeleine is comical.  Satsuki’s stories do not usually create a lot of laughs, but the rest of the boys are around to offer some comic relief. IMG_0564If you’re like me, a girl who always appreciates a man who can pamper her, Satsuki never disappoints.

The Endings

Happy and Good Endings available.  The two are very similar, all the way up to the last scene.  In the last scene of the Good Ending, you and Satsuki head over to the VIP room for some laughs with the rest of the boys.  In the last scene of the Happy Ending, the two of you head over to a romantic spot to reaffirm your commitment to one another.


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