Satsuki Kitaoji – Sequel Walkthrough


Satsuki’s Sequel was just released.  There are 2 endings available: Good and Happy.  Here is a walkthrough to the Happy Ending.  It took me 4 (yes, 4!) tries to finally achieve the better ending.  The trick is to…

To choose the options that challenge/embarrass Satsuki instead of just agreeing/complying with what he is saying or asking.  For a review with screenshots and spoilers go here.

Chapter 1

  • You’re like a little kid!
  • You should sleep alone.

Chapter 2

  • Sigh
  • Smile

Chapter 3

  • Stop him
  • I won’t

Chapter 4

  • What are you doing?
  • Hug him back.

Chapter 5

  • This is so frustrating.
  • That’s not true.

Chapter 6

  • I remember
  • Is it okay for me to go?

Chapter 7

  • I won’t get caught.
  • I’m not sure about this.

Chapter 8

  • Take his hand
  • That’s not fair.

Chapter 9

  • But…
  • You aren’t asking.

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