Haku – Main Story Review

ImageEhh…?  Suddenly, an image of Haku wearing a Jigglypuff outfit is skipping across my mind.

Basic Story Premise: You and your harem of men head over to the castle.  However, the enemy is somehow able to anticipate your movements and keep showing up along the way to cause trouble.  How do they know which route you and your men keep taking?  Is there a spy working against you?  Will Haku drop his flirtacious facade and show you his real self? And will Shion ever stop making his smart-ass comments?

For a more in-depth review with screenshots and some spoilers, continue after the cut.

My Opinion: I’m not always a fan of too-charming smooth talkers.  I’ve encountered too many men who I refer to as “walking STDs” so I was conflicted when I confirmed my $3.99 purchase from the Apple Store.  Good thing I did drop the money, because I thoroughly adore this story.

First, you’ve got Shion.  He always knows how to make you feel loved and appreciated. Image

Second, you’ve got Dragon.  He has more presence in this story than Commander Gaia does.  ImageImageIn this story, you have an affinity for animals.  Kind of like a Disney Princess, but with less singing.

Third, you’ve got a charming hero who is able to stay clean enough that I can’t label him a sleaze.  Image

Fourth, charming hero is also a source of cute comic relief.gif creator

Fifth, there is plenty of action caused by the villain.  Yes, the plot is somewhat cliche, but it is still done well.


And lastly, the cute ending(s) where you see the charmer’s shy side.

Overall, this is my favorite Knight story as of the moment (still have to check out Shion and Gaia).  Great job, Voltage.


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