Tatsuro Togoshi – Main Story Walkthrough

ImageWhew.  MC is not afraid to get violent with the hero in this story.  Don’t worry though.  It only happens once because she is sexually frustrated.  And it turns out that MC has done this to Tasty Tatsy in the past when they were children.  Something about pretending to be wrestlers.

Walkthrough available for the Happy Ending after the cut.  If you want to find more info about the story, read my personal review on the Tatsuro’s main stor over here.

Chapter 1

  • No way.
  • Oooh, are you embarrassed?

Chapter 2

  • Tatsuro’s the one working hard.
  • I’m on a walk.

Chapter 3

  • Sure.
  • Thanks.

Chapter 4

  • I forgot something.
  • He could be the rising star of the P.D.

Chapter 5

  • Why?
  • Are you sure?

Chapter 6

  • I’m fine.
  • We live together.

Chapter 7

  • I don’t know.
  • Tend to his wounds.

Chapter 8

  • Help him.
  • Thanks.

Chapter 9

  • Because I was worried about him.
  • Thanks for waking me up.

Chapter 10

  • I don’t know…
  • I can’t.

Chapter 11

  • I love him.
  • Really?

Chapter 12

  • Am I being suspected?
  • If you have a reason, I’ll forgive you.

Chapter 13

  • Yeah.
  • I didn’t blow up anything.

Chapter 14

  • Yes.
  • Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.

Chapter 15

  • Don’t let her fool you.
  • It’s not too late.

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