Mizuki Fujisaki – Main Story Review

Image(That’s definitely a pick up line I’ve never heard before.  I’ve got to try this one out for myself sometime.)

Basic Story Premise: You have chosen Mizuki to be your bodyguard after the events of the prologue.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t take long for the culprits behind your threats to be caught.  Just as you’ve gotten used to the idea of having a bodyguard and become friends with the enigmatic Mizuki, suddenly you’re told that you don’t need bodyguards anymore.  You return back to your normal life and routines, a little sadder than before because you miss Mizuki’s comparing you to exotic animals presence.  But don’t worry, because Voltage throws him back into your life (we don’t want a story that ends after 4 chapters, right?) with the excuse that Katsuragi agreed to let Mizuki shadow you for just a little bit longer until they can be sure there are no further threats.  Good thing too, since you are attacked by the green KKK members of a religious sect.  What happens when Mizuki starts breaking a few rules in order to protect you?  And why do these men want to capture you so badly?

My review with screenshots and some spoilers after the jump. 

My Opinion: Overall… I was somewhat disappointed with this story.  I felt that the MC and Mizuki fell in love too easily.  I also felt that Mizuki’s character was weakly developed.  It also didn’t help that the story glitched/skipped (at least 3x) when I played – During a transition black screen, the game seemed to get stuck even if I tapped the screen.  This would result in my cussing loudly and tapping the screen multiple times until finally, the characters flashed back onto the screen.  Just as I’m ready to jump into a victory dance, I’d realize that the story must have skipped several scenes because suddenly my MC is in the middle of a chase through a park.  Wtf?

Anyway.  Let’s get to some screenshots.

Ok.  As you and Mizuki get to know each other, he says…ImageErr… Okay.  I can manage that.  Except, the MC apparently cannot manage that and very quickly starts to fall in love with Mizuki.  Fine, whatever.  Now you might be wondering, “Why does Mizuki say that?  There must be some profound reason… some previous experience that left him scarred… etc. etc.”

No.  No, there is not.  He is telling you that because in his vast experience of being a bodyguard – all of 1 year – female clients have fallen in love with him and he just wants to prevent it from happening again.  Okay.  Fine.

My next complaint.  Mizuki’s character.  Not that he is a bad guy, but I felt that his character is under developed.  (As a side note, I am discussing Mizuki as he is in his own story, and not how he is in the other stories.  For example, In one of the other stories, Mizuki is characterized as someone who has a great sixth sense.  However, he does not appear to use/have this ability in his story.) Moments like in the following gif make me confused about his character.output_QMYTp1 So why is he amazing?  Why did Katsuragi personally choose Mizuki?  If nothing gets past him, why does he keep getting caught in bad situations with the MC? These are all questions that are unanswered.  Yes, he is a physically capable bodyguard.  But so are the others. What made Mizuki a standout to join the team when he only quit being a celebrity a year ago?  TELL ME NOW VOLTAGE.


Because I don’t want you to think Mizuki is a totally bad guy, I want to bring up some of his good points.   He is goofy.Image

And sweet. Image

And he enjoys doing things that “regular” people do.  Regular, of course, being non-celebrities.  Image

Like I said earlier, MC falls in love with Mizuki very easily.  But don’t worry.  It’s reciprocal: Mizuki falls in love with you early enough to start breaking bodyguard protocol by Chapter 5.  And when Katsuragi removes him as your bodyguard, Mizuki pulls you away and you run off together.  (How does someone this reckless become a bodyguard responsible for the safety of the prime minster’s daughter?)

Overall, I’m very conflicted about Mizuki.  I started his main story really liking him from how he is portrayed in the other main stories.  In his story, I expected him to shine.  If his character and story was better developed, I think he would have.  His cute, goofy personality is very likeable.

He’s even got some goofy villains to match.  Not-so-little green men are after you.  ImageThese men take St. Patrick’s Day way too seriously.  Gotta love the villains in the Bodyguard series.


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