Tatsuro Togoshi – Main Story Review

Spoiler Free – Story Premise:

The Black Foxes are letting you get away without choosing one of the members to babysit you as long as you check in with them regularly and agree to help with missions. Refer to this gif.


At the same time, your childhood friend Tatsuro calls you up.  He’s returned home from America after being put on the Black Foxes case.  After an accident lands you in the hospital, you agree to stay with Ranko and Tatsuro since they have a spare room.  Unfortunately, you find it hard to juggle your life as a thief who is falling in love with the detective who is determined to capture you.  Will you be able to keep your identity as a Black Fox hidden from Tatsuro?  And will the Black Foxes outwit the Silver Dogs – a rival gang of thieves who are determined to wreak havoc during the Foxes’ missions?

To read more of my review (there will be some spoilers ahead!) continue reading.  If you want just a walkthrough, go here


You know, Tatsuro was another one of Voltage’s heroes that I was worried about.  In a few of the other Thief main stories, Tatsuro is …bland.  He’s just there to cause extra romantic tension (Riki’s story, for example).  He doesn’t necessarily have a personality.  Then I played Kenshi’s Main Story.  And discovered that Voltage was kind enough to flesh out some more of Tatsuro’s character.  Instead of a bumbling detective, he was suddenly a sharp detective who knew more than he was letting on.  And so, I decided to check out Tatsuro.  Now, he has quickly climbed the charts as one of my faves.

Tatsuro is the “childhood love interest” of the Thief series.  He is very good looking and has no problem attracting women.  Fortunately for you, Genji Tatsuro can’t sustain any real relationships with other women because he is still in love with you, the MC.

My Opinion:

Voltage did a great job with this story.  Let’s see if I can count the ways.

1. You’ve got comedy.  Provided by Hiro, Kenshi, Boss, Takuto, Ranko (gotta love those sibling relationships, right?), and even… yourself.  Trust me.  You will laugh out loud during this storyImage

2. Takuto.  Need I say more? Image

3. Tatsuro is great at providing “awwwww”- worthy moments. Image(If you don’t think this screenshot is awe-worthy now, wait until you see it in the story.  I would tell you the context… but then I would be spoiling one of the cutest moments of the story.  Can’t have that, can we?)

4. You get to see more of Ranko (she is your bff after all) and more of Kenshi (did I mention I am a Kenshi fan? It makes me sad that he doesn’t necessarily have a personality in some of the other main stories.  In Tatsuro’s story, he plays a bigger role.) ImageImage

5. Oh, and don’t forget the action.  After all, this is a Thief story.  Black Foxes + Silver Dogs + Detective Hero + Female Nemesis  + Bomb Happy Villains = plenty of opportunities for action.

The Endings:

There are 2 endings available: Good and Happy.  Both Endings start off the same way.  At the end of the Good Ending, Tatsuro stops by the bar and gets drunk, informing you (and the other Black Foxes) that you can tell him anything and that he will forget it all by morning.  At the end of the Happy Ending, Tatsuro informs you that he is going back to America – because he cannot handle the thought of arresting you if you are caught as a Black Fox in the future.  However, you are able to convince him to stay.  And the two of you even have an argument about “who loves who more.”  (*cringe*.  I’m a fan of awww moments.  But not a fan of excessive sap.  Meh.)

Overall, loved the story.  There are lots of laughs and cute moments.  $4 well spent on my part.


One thought on “Tatsuro Togoshi – Main Story Review

  1. He was boring in other routes, I played Takuto and Riki. But now after reading your review, I’ll try him. I definitely enjoyed Takuto’s more than Riki’s….Thanks for the review

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