Takamasa Saeki – Main Story Walkthrough

Image(Oh… err… you are too kind, Saeki.  What a welcoming home you’ve got.)

Walkthrough for Saeki’s main story available after the jump. 

Chapter 1

  • Of course!
  • Do as you please.

Chapter 2

  • Pretend to listen.
  • Yell “Idiot!”

Chapter 3

  • They’re right over here.
  • Kiss him on the forehead.

Chapter 4

  • It’s more stimulating than fun.
  • I was moved to tears.

Chapter 5

  • White blouse and black mini skirt
  • Ask why he is naked.

Chapter 6

  • Explain it’s not pleasureful.
  • About a potential job.

Chapter 7

  • Say “You’re great just the way you are.”
  • He surprises me.

Chapter 8

  • This is important to me.
  • I want him to smile.

Chapter 9

  • Hold his hand.
  • Maybe both.

Chapter 10

  • You’re more important to me right now.
  • Scold him.

Chapter 11

  • About my family.
  • Hold him.

Chapter 12

  • I’m happy to be of help.
  • You’ve never ben in love before, right?

Chapter 13

  • Freeze and don’t say anything.
  • Takamasa just isn’t being honest.

Chapter 14

  • Say it’s not necessary.
  • Look up into his face.

7 thoughts on “Takamasa Saeki – Main Story Walkthrough

  1. Hi there! I’ve been reading through all your reviews and I must say they are all fantastic!! 😀 I find it funny and sometimes just amazing how similar my opinions are with yours after I’ve played a route (maybe I’m just biased in that sense hehehe great minds think alike okay I’ll stop now) nevertheless, I was wondering if you were able to review Takao’s sequel by any chance…? Since you have soo much on your plate at the moment (and your own life) I totally understand if you can’t 🙂 so there’s no pressure. Thank you once again for all your hard work and God bless!! ❤

  2. Thanks for writing these reviews! By the way, I haven’t seen you making reviews of Yamato from this app though. Is there a particular reason why?

    • No reason! I like Yamato, but I read his stories before starting my blog. To write a decent review on his stories, I need to re-read them and I just haven’t gotten around to that yet. 🙂

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