Kyoichi Kunishiro – Main Story Review


Basic Story Premise: It’s been 3 months since you moved into a room above Uncle Kuni’s bar.  You have been busy searching and interviewing for a job but with little success.  One day, a childhood friend of Uncle Kuni’s (and the other guys) visits the br after moving back to Japan from overseas.  By the end of his visit, he offers you a job.  Unfortunately, the job is to become his fake wife for a month.  Why did Kyoichi manipulate you into becoming his temporary wife?  Does it have something to do with his family’s inheritance? Is Kyoichi really as cold and calculating as he appears to be or is he hiding his true self? And what the heck is a bracken mochi girl?IMG_1012Read more of my review and see more screenshots after the jump!  If you just want a walkthrough, go here instead.  Warning: there will be some spoilers ahead!


Kyoichi is initally a rude, cold, and calculating character.  He easily manipulates you into embarrassing situations and smirks at you afterward.  He is also good at turning up the heat, seducing you when you least expect it and then laughing when he gets a response from you.  When you ask him why he tricked you into agreeing to be his temporary wife, he responds like this — refer to this gif:output_RlUeSU

Also, Koichi Kyoichi does not believe in marriage and love due to his personal experiences with his own family.


However, although you first believe that Kyoichi may have an ulterior motive for wanting a fake marriage, you later learn that he does have a noble reason for wanting the family inheritance after all.

My Opinion: If you like stories where the MC is able to melt the ice around a skeptic man’s heart, you will probably enjoy Kyoichi.  Parts of his story did remind me of Koichi from In Your Arms Tonight but without the cheating.  There are a few laughs here and there, but this story is not a comedy show like some other Voltage stories.  If you enjoy the antics of the other boys, they will show up once in awhile, and they do not disappoint.IMG_1114

I did notice one plothole concerning Erika, one of the bad guys in this story.  (Why did she stay with Tomohiko after hearing that Kyoichi was married if she was only interested in money?  Why leave him at the end of the story and not right when she heard that Kyoichi was married first and, as a result, would be getting the family inheritance?)  However, the plothole is relatively minor and did not take away from my enjoyment of the story.

(And seriously… what is a bracken mochi girl?  Can anyone please enlighten me?)

The Endings:

There are 2 endings available: Happy and Super Happy.  They are both very similar (with Kyoichi resolving the issue about his family inheritance with his grandfather) but with different scenes at the very end.  In the Happy Ending, you and Kyoichi end up at the bar with the rest of the boys.  You are happy because the two of you will have the opportunity to start over with a real relationship instead of a fake one.  In the Super Happy Ending, you and Kyoichi head home after confessing your love for one another.

And here are the CGs! (…Hmm… looks like the MC is groping an unsuspecting Kyoichi in CG #4.  I guess that’s what he gets for being such a tease…)

IMG_1126 IMG_1127IMG_1128 IMG_1129 IMG_1130 IMG_1131


2 thoughts on “Kyoichi Kunishiro – Main Story Review

  1. “bracken mochi” is a reference to what’s called “wataru mochi” from Yamato’s storyline. It’s his favorite food and he thinks the MC’s cheeks have the same squishy texture. He uses it as… well, he’s calling her thick, but in the same sentence he mentions hating bony girls. (I guess for reference, idol Risako Suguya from Berryz Koubou is how I imagined MC looking in this game)

    Also, thanks for the reviews! It helps me decide which ones are worth going through!

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