Kyoichi Kunishiro – Main Story Walkthrough

Image(Don’t hold back, Kyoichi.  Just tell me how you really feel.)

Walkthrough for the better ending available after the jump.  Review of the story with CGs, screenshots,  and my opinion can be found over here

Chapter 1

  • Thank you.
  • Pointers for interviews

Chapter 2

  • It’s a cute strap.

Chapter 3

  • Explain everything to me.
  • No way!

Chapter 4

  • Can I trust you?
  • I didn’t expect this.

Chapter 5

  • I can’t!
  • He said he forgot to throw it away.

Chapter 6

  • Did you want to show off?
  • That’s not the point.

Chapter 7

  • I’m glad your mom was okay.
  • I’m happy.

Chapter 8

  • You are like a romantic girl.
  • We’re not actually going out…

Chapter 9

  • I wasn’t dazed!
  • Wouldn’t I be in the way?

Chapter 10

  • I don’t think he likes me like that.
  • I’ll act normal.
  • What would make me feel better?

Chapter 11

  • I like it, so it’s fine.
  • Give up.

Chapter 12

  • Get embarrassed.
  • Hold his hand quietly.

Chapter 13

  • I’ll go with you.
  • Good morning.

Chapter 14

  • Be honest and say you’re sad.

Thank you.


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