Sora Hirosue – Main Story Review

Image(Oh… whoops. What was I thinking…)

Basic Story Premise: You’ve chosen Sora as your bodyguard. However, before the two of you even leave the Prime Minister’s residence, he starts receiving calls. From women. It doesn’t take you long to realize how popular he is with women. However, he assures you that he will be a professional and treat you like a client. Will Sora stop talking to his many girlfriends long enough to protect you? And why does it bother you when he flirts with other girls? And what’s with Voltage’s obsession with panties in this story?

Review with some spoilers and more screenshots available after the cut.

Sora: Sora plays the role of a playboy. He is a fun-seeking jokester.


And he can disguise himself as a pretty female. Although, it turns out that he is embarrased by it.ImageAs you get to know him better, you will get to know his sob story sad upbringing and see past his usually happy exterior.

My Opinion: Because of Sora happy nature, you will definitely encounter some laughs throughout this story. Also of note is the fact that you will get to know Kenta Makabe better because he has a larger role in Sora’s main story. You will also encounter Katsuragi and Kaiji as you progress through the chapters. However, Subaru and Mizuki only show up twice, and Kosugi and Midori do not make an appearance at all. MC also does not appear to go to school but does for some reason go to Hula dancing class.

There are some funny events that occur in Sora’s story. However, I consider them to be plotholes on Voltage’s part. For example, someone breaks into your apartment because…ImageYes, that’s right. Someone raids your place and takes all your underwear. Is this related to the overall story of someone trying to endanger the Prime Minister’s daughter? No. Do the bodyguards and police find this panty thief and arrest him/her? No. Everyone dusts their hands off and moves on.

Then you’ve got this. ImageWhile you are out to buy some replacement underwear, you run into some high school girls who also have an unhealthy obsession with underwear. And… they pull a knife on you. Seriously. Highschool girls who steal underwear are arming themselves with knives. And they are willing to torture you so that their crimes aren’t brought to light.

…Yikes. (And that “Yikes” isn’t for those bloodthirstly girls. It’s for Voltage’s really implausible choice of events in this story.)

Sora comes to your rescue of course. But then you two have to run off when the girls turn around to report that a pervert (cross-dressing Sora) is in the girl’s bathroom. And then you don’t hear about/from those girls again. I’m sorry, but I think it would be important to report bloodthirty high school girls to the authorities.

Then, the real villains of the story (the ones who are after you because you are the daughter of the prime minister… you remember them, right?) finally decide to show up… and then are taken care of in one chapter. Alritey then.

Overall, I feel like Voltage could have woven a much stronger story. Instead, I felt that they decided to commit most of the story’s time to the MC to bantering with Sora or even watching Sora flirt with other women. Yes, of course MC needs time to tame the beast playboy, but I think Voltage could have created a plot with events that were more relevant to the story.


The Endings:

There are two endings available: Good and Happy. Within the Happy Ending, Sora takes you to his hometown and you get to understand him better as a person. Within the Good Ending, you and Sora talk about his past as a playboy, and he tells you that he’s been calling all his girlfriends and telling them about his new, serious relationship with you.


4 thoughts on “Sora Hirosue – Main Story Review

  1. I couldn’t get how Sora would be the most popular with the ladies, personally, as he’s so petite and the least hunky of the BG team — and he cross-dresses! Could this be an Adam Levine-type thing — Adam grew up with a lot of female relatives to which he attributes his understanding of (and, I guess, appeal to) women; he’s also hunky but on the slim side.

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