Koji Nagumo – Main Story Review


Basic Story Premise: As members of the New Division, you and Koji are put in charge of a redesign for a brand your company is already promoting.  However, you immediately run into hurdles when the two of you realize that the Deputy CEO does not want to use the domestic factories that you have recommended.  Does the Deputy CEO have an ulterior motive for ignoring your recommendations? How will you and Koji handle these hurdles when your jobs are at stake?

My review with some spoilers and more screenshots available after the jump. 

Koji: You and Koji started at the company at the same time.  As a result, you have some history together.  However, it never developed beyond good friendship.  Until now.

Koji is an earnest, hardworking individual.  And yes, as you have probably already guessed, he has liked the MC since they met over a year ago.  ImageParts of his character remind me of Shohei Aiba from In Your Arms Tonight, but without the corny jokes and clumsiness.  Koji is also a bit of a worrywart.  And, apparently, he is a big fan of trains.  As you progress through the story, the MC realizes that Koji has always been around to quietly support her.  Even though she never realized it. Image

My Opinion: Koji is kind, supportive, and serious.  He has the qualities of an ideal boyfriend.  However.  I personally found his story… boring.  And Koji is such a solid, reliable character that he as a person is also …somewhat boring.  Have you seen the Disney movie Pocahontas?  Koji is like the young man that Pocahontas’ father wants her to marry from her tribe.  At least with Shohei’s story, his bad jokes and clumsy demeanor led to a lot of comical moments.  With Koji’s story, there aren’t nearly as many laughs.  The few laughs that are present are provided by the rest of the team (Mr. Goda, Junya, Torasunake).

For example, take a look at Mr. Goda’s reason for never being around at the office.  Image(Hmm… I really want to use that excuse for work and school.  “I can learn better when I stay home.”)

Overall, I was somewhat disappointed with Koji’s story.  Perhaps Voltage could have created a more complex, engaging plot to balance out Koji’s serious character.  Or created more drama by giving your rival for Koji a bigger, more selfish personality.

Oh, and the MC is more dense than usual in this story.  The day after the conversation that resulted with the first screenshot in this post (Koji saying, “What would you do if I told you I liked you?”) she overhears him telling her rival that he can’t return her rival’s affection because he cares about someone else.  The MC then freaks out and runs off… instead of realizing that the “someone else” is actually herself.  Seriously.  Come on.  Voltage, you are usually better at creating drama than that.

The Endings: There are two endings available: Normal and Happy.  In the Normal Ending, Koji basically says that the two of you make a great work team… and that you shouldn’t let a relationship interfere with that.  So you go back to being two profesionals in the workplace.  In the Happy Ending, the two of you get the day off from work and decide to visit a remote town by the sea.  While you are there, Koji confesses to being in love with you since he first met you and asks you to be his girlfriend.


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