Gaia – Main Story Review

Image(Meet Gaia. The strictest gym teacher knight commander ever.)

Basic Story Premise: When asked to choose a knight, you decide to just go with the strongest of the group, Knight Commander Gaia. As you set off on the journey to the castle, you are surprised by how serious and cold Gaia is. However, you realize that he is a very capable knight and, as the trust between the two of you grows, the stiff formalities that separate the two of you start to dissipate. However, as your crew approaches the capital, you are troubled by talk about uprisings and rebellion from the townspeople. Why do the citizens of Rapier want to overthrow your father, the king? Who is the mysterious man who leads the rebels? And does he have something to do with Gaia’s traitorous father?

Review with some spoilers and more screenshots available after the jump.

Gaia: Gaia is initially very cold and stiff. When you ask him personal questions to try to get to know him better, he responds like this. IMG_1535 And when you tell him no…IMG_1536Luckily, you are a stubborn MC in this story. You keep Gaia from isolating himself, steadily building a relationship with him. Even Shion takes notice. IMG_1568As you progress through the story, you learn about Gaia and the story of his supposedly traitorous father who, as the previous Knight Commander, abandoned the country during a time of need. You realize that Gaia strives so hard to be a good knight because he is trying to restore his family’s name and reputation.

My Opinion: I was initially surprised by how cold Voltage made Gaia in this story. During the other main character’s stories, he is not quite as stiff and frigid as he is in this story. But once I got over my initial surprise, I found myself really enjoying this story. Gaia is the perfect, gallant knight who tries to keep the relationship between knight and princess professional. IMG_1584Except that he can’t help but fall for the princess’ antics and wandering hands.

As he stops being so formal, his cute side comes out. When you actually make a comment about him being cute, he responds like this. Check out this gif. output_9ApeuH

In this story, you also see the relationship that Gaia has with his younger knights. And Shion even manages to say some comments that aren’t mean. IMG_1606 (Wait… did I see that right? Shion actually said I was right?!)IMG_1634(Oh. Regular old Shion is back.)

Overall, I thought this was a great addition to the Knight stories. Haku’s story is still my favorite, but Gaia’s comes in at a close second. The relationship between MC and Gaia is developed well and at a good pace. Gaia’s cute side is funny but believable. This isn’t the funniest story out there, but there are definitely comical moments. The MC is also a little spunkier in this main story. Oh, and I nearly forgot: you also meet a dashing, but clumsy pirate. IMG_1603

The Endings: There are 2 available: Happy and Good. The two start off the same way: Gaia rescues you from two overly ambitious maids who are trying to tighten your corset (What good is a personal knight if he can’t keep you from being suffocated to death, right?) The Good Ending includes an eating contest where the loser gives up his claim on you, the princess. (Don’t worry. Gaia is great at eating. Haha.) In the Happy Ending, you and Gaia sneak away from a party and proclaim your love for each other.


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