Prince Glenn Casiraghi – Second Sequel Review


Basic Story Premise: Having survived your engagement with Prince Glenn, your wedding is just around the corner.  Before being thrown into last minute wedding preparations, you and Glenn take a short vacation to a remote island to build your last memories as an engaged couple.  Unfortunately, a conversation you have with Yu the night before you leave for the vacation dampens your excited mood.  What does the future have in store for you and your childhood friends now that you are all adults?

If you just want a walkthrough for the Happy Ending, go over here.  Otherwise, my review with spoilers and screenshots (and CGs) available after the jump.  

This story is about the relationships between Yu, Glenn, and the MC.  I was initially excited as I started off this story.  I’ve always wondered what was going to happen with Yu and his unrequited love for the MC.  You will encounter sad scenes like this one ImageAnd by “this” of course he means you and Glenn being happy and in love.

Sad scenes with Yu will be played right next to happy, romantic scenes with Glenn.  Also embedded in the story is a specific memory of the 3 of you when you were younger: the three of you decide to go out on an outing but get lost.  Even though the boys fight and you cry in the memory, all ends relatively well.  The three of you are able to make your way back home and you have discovered a special spot that holds meaning to the 3 of you.   Image

After your depressing conversation with Yu, you and Glenn leave for vacation.  When you return, Zain informs you that Yu has resigned.  The rest of the story unfolds as you and Glenn try to come to terms with Yu’s departure.

As I started this story, I had I high hopes for Yu’s storyline.  However, once you and Glenn get back from your trip, the story with Yu becomes confusing.  I was not completely sure why Yu left.  Initially, you are led to believe it is because he can’t handle watching MC and Glenn being so happy and in love.  But then in a flashback with Glenn and Yu, Glenn asks why he wants to resign, and he responds like this.  Refer to the gif. output_z0aS3YOkay…what??? What are you talking about, Yu??

The two endings also added to my confusion.

The Endings: Before you and Glenn left for vacation, Yu hands you two letters.  One related to your trip, and the second to be read after your wedding.  Well, if you want to find out what Yu wrote in the letter, make sure you check out the Good Ending.  Because Glenn doesn’t let you read it in his Happy Ending (which, as much as I like Glenn, kind of pissed me off).  Another huge difference between the endings is how Yu’s departure is interpreted.

In the Happy Ending, Yu comes back briefly for the wedding before disappearing again to undergo further steward training with Glenn’s grandmother.  (This is after Zain has told you and Glenn that Yu did an amazing job preparing all the details for your wedding. If he did so well, what additional training does he need? This isn’t necessarily a plothole– but it is a detail that could have been better explained.) It is not clear if Yu will return in the future as Glenn and MC’s steward. This ending corresponds with Yu in the gif from above– something about not being the best steward he could have been as the reason for his leaving.

In the Good Ending, you and Glenn sit down to read Yu’s letter.  Basically, when Yu is ready to face the two of you with genuine blessings for your marriage, he will return so he can share them with you.  This ending corresponds with Yu being unable to emotionally cope with MC and Glenn’s relationship as his reason for leaving.

My Overall Opinion: I loved that Voltage tackled the complex relationship between MC, Glenn, and Yu in this sequel.  I also like the additional memory of them as children.  However, I wish Voltage had chosen one reason for Yu’s resignation instead of creating a confusing mess.  I’m still not completely sure why he thinks of himself as worthless.  This story may have been more enjoyable for me if Voltage had commited to one reason and developed that reason instead of choosing 2 possible ones and trying to keep their options open.

And here are the 2 CGs available for Glenn’s second sequel.  The second one comes with his happy ending. ImageImage


One thought on “Prince Glenn Casiraghi – Second Sequel Review

  1. I didn’t read the sequel yet. (except the first free chapter)
    But from your review and pictures i interpret Yu’s resignation reason as quite clear. Him not being able to cope with the situation because he still has feelings for MC seem clear. That as he said himself makes him unable to give them both the blessings and wishes for their happy future. Though he can do his job perfectlty I’d say, he cannot kill the ‘ill’ feelings he has towards them as a couple hence making him not a ‘perfect’ as a steward/butler who is supposed to devote himself to his master and only think of his well being (which he can’t completely because he for sure doesn’t want to see MC and Glen happy together).
    So he either quits/goes to train with Glens mom to kill off his feelings… (which is rather sad if you think about it, the way I do, which is why I very probably will not read this story)
    Also, thanks for the review!

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