Shingo Kai – Main Story Review

Image(Well.  He sure knows how to a boost a girl’s self esteem.)

Basic Story Premise: As a member of the New Division, you are assigned the role of deputy lead to assist Shingo as he directs the team concerning a new project: merging with a smaller company and launching a new lingerie line.  With Shingo’s leadership, the project overcomes its first hurdles.  However, the office and company are thrown into a panic when confidential information about the project is leaked.  Who is responsible for the leak? Does New Division have a spy amongst its cubicles? And who is the beautiful girl you spot Shingo talking to from a rival company one night on your way home?

Review with some spoilers and screenshots available if you continue after the cut.

Shingo: Initially, Shingo is portrayed as an emotionless, hard-working machine who is frighteningly good at math.  Indeed, he’s kind of like a cyborg-ImageOkay, if you insist, Shingo.  Not like a cyborg.

However, you are able to see a side of him that no one else sees when you the two of you go out to do some product research in a lingerie store.  As you can imagine, this situation leads to some interesting moments. ImageOver time, you come to realize that Shingo does have emotions.  However, he keeps them separated from his work because he believes they will interfere.  Also, apparently he keeps people at a distance because he has trust issues.  Image

My Opinion: It is nice to see the MC bring out the human side in Shingo.  He is actually a very sweet, considerate person even if he does not actually realize it himself.  He even rescues you from the spy later on when he attacks you in front of your home.

Similar to several of the other Office Secrets stories, this is mostly a serious story.  There are a few laughs, but that is to be expected when you put a bunch of men and lingerie in the same plotline.  Image

Overall, if you are looking for a sweet story of a man coming to terms with his emotions when he has always put work first in the past, you’ve come to the right place.  The other members of New Division are also prevalent throughout the story– including Mr. Goda who flirts with you on more than one occasion.   If you are looking for a story full of action or drama, you may find this main story dull.

I did have a couple (minor) complaints about Voltage’s story:

I wish that Voltage had developed Shingo’s issues with trust more/better.  (People have trust issues because they have been burned in the past; they don’t just come out of nowhere.)  It was good to see Shingo become a team player who trusts his colleagues toward the end of the story… but I would have liked to know why he had issues in the first place.

Also, you expect the beautiful girl that Shingo meets from the rival company to be a major plot point — it is one of the main reasons why he is suspected of being a spy.  But… it doesn’t pan out.  When someone finally asks Shingo who it is in the last chapter, he says she is an ex-coworker.  That’s it.  And no one else asks for more details/Shingo does not add any more info.  I would have thought Voltage could elaborate on her a little more before throwing that plot element out the window.

The Endings: 2 are available: Happy vs Normal.  During the Happy Ending, Shingo takes you out on a drive to the seaside where he confesses his emotions to you.  During the Normal Ending, he explains that he realizes that his feelings for you were interfering with the quality of his work… and that he cannot allow that to happen in the future.  Since his work is the most important thing to him, you two must go back to just being coworkers.


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