Genji Higashiyama – Sequel Review


Basic Story Premise: One year has passed since you and Genji have reunited. Both of you are becoming more successful in your chosen careers. However, even though you are happy being with Genji sometimes it feels like the two of you are still worlds apart. One day Genji is offered an opportunity that can take him away from you, similar to what happened when the two of you graduated high school. Will he accept the offer? Will you be able to be honest with Genji about your feelings? Who is the man you meet at work who offers you a shoulder to cry on? Will this be the end of your relationship with Genji?

My review with some spoilers and more screenshots (and the single CG of the story) after the cut. If you would prefer just a walkthrough, go over here instead.

Genji: Genji is still the same cocky and bossy man you started dating a year ago. Image

However, he will become less cocky about halfway through the story after the tensions between the two of you erupt into an arguement. ImageImage

Genji suddenly becomes much less self-centered and appears like this. Image

My Opinion: This story lets you see Genji evolve. After your arguement with him, he reexamines his priorities… and determines that he does not want to put soccer before you like he did in his past. There are definitely some cute, heart-warming moments. Like in this gif. output_ZgTIFZ

And it is nice to see Genji doesn’t just want himself to succeed in his chosen profession; he wants to see you succeed in yours. Here’s one more gif. output_Jsajxr

Also… it doesn’t hurt that you have a little extra eye candy in this story. Image

Overall, I enjoyed Genji’s next chapter. Genji’s sweet, caring side really shows itself in this sequel. I mean, in his main stories, he talks about regretting the decision he made in high school. But now you see him prove that those words are real and not just false sentiments he offered. I also enjoyed Shohei’s small role (he is as sweet as always) in this story. One aspect that I did not like was how quickly the new love interest confesses his love for the MC… Voltage could have toned that down a little to make it more realistic.

And, unfortunately, there is only one (yea, one!) CG. Luckily, it’s a cute one. Image

The Endings: There are 2 endings available: Super Happy and Happy. During the Super Happy Ending, the two of you cook and enjoy dinner together as a couple. Later on, Genji proposes to you during a press conference with the world watching, and you joyfully accept. During the Happy Ending, the two of you enjoy a date at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland Destinyland. At the end of the day, he proposes.


3 thoughts on “Genji Higashiyama – Sequel Review

  1. Hi, Diora! Am trying to decide between Genji’s and Kippei’s main stories to purchase. Thoughts? ☺

    Are their respective epilogues good? What about the sequels?

    Genji (from ‘The Tale of Genji’) is the name of medieval Japan’s version of Don Juan. The bazillion-page imperial court tale by Murasaki Shikibu was something I had to read for lit class 😂

    • That’s really interesting! I’m gonna have to check out this ‘tale of genji’ you speak of!

      As for a recommendation between the two, I think it will depend on your preference. If you want an arrogant, outspoken guy- genji is your man. Kippei is your typical stoic, good guy with a difficult past. I like both, but I think Genjis personality is a bit more fun. As for their sequels and the stories past the main ones, I’m not sure if any of them stuck out as super terrible or super great. (Not really a stellar review, but what can I say.).

      • Thanks, Diora!

        I do understand what you’re saying re the post-main story installments. I haven’t read any epilogues/sequels that seemed worth the purchase (I’m such a cheapskate, LOL), that’s why I wanted to know your opinion on Genji’s and Kippei’s.

        Thanks again! Love reading your reviews, as always! 😊

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