Genji Higashiyama – Sequel Walkthrough


Just in case you need a little extra help to reach the Super Happy Ending, here is a walkthrough. If you want a more in depth review (there will be some spoilers and screenshots), click here. Otherwise, continue after the cut.

Chapter 1

  • Tease him
  • I’m so happy.

Chapter 2

  • Fine.
  • I love you.

Chapter 3

  • I wanted to see you.
  • I’m jealous.

Chapter 4

  • Don’t worry about it.

Chapter 5

  • Congratulations.
  • This does not make me happy.

Chapter 6

  • I didn’t ask him out.
  • It’s my fault.

Chapter 7

  • He says he’s held off on the transfer.
  • Rewarding, I guess.

Chapter 8

  • I think it will be difficult.
  • I want to see you in the AC Milan uniform.

Chapter 9

  • I’d love that.
  • You’re kidding, right?

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