Shion – Main Story Review

Image(Hey, there’s nothing wrong with looking!)

Basic Story Premise: You choose Shion to be your reluctant protector.  As you journey to the capital with the other knights, you find out that your father has actually been kidnapped.  No one knows where he is or who is responsible.  As the only living heir, you are also a target for the kidnappers, but Gaia is determined to lead you to safety with the assistance of the other knights.  You progress through your story, dragging your reluctant knight with you.  However, Shion experiences a shock when he meets an old enemy.  Who is this villain, and what does he have to do with Shion’s past?  Is Shion doomed to repeat his tragic history?  And why is he running around in what looks like my grandmother’s nightgown? 😉Image

My review on Shion’s Main Story with some spoilers and more screenshots after the cut.  

Shion: Shion is a lazy, unmotivated individual.  He doesn’t seem to care about anything other than sleeping and reading.  His favorite saying is, “What a pain.” His methods are also somewhat… unusual.  For example, he gives you a bracelet with a bell cat collar that will jingle and alert him of your presence in case you wander off.  IMG_2093(And even more surprising is the fact that you consent to wearing the cat collar around your wrist for the rest of the story.)

He does have a subtle sense of humor that comes across in his blunt, often rude comments. (Refer to the first screenshot of this post.) And he has moments of cute quirkiness.  For example, when some of the enemy break into your room, he chastises them and says IMG_2112Really, Shion?  There are assassins in the room trying to kill me, and you’re worried about the windows?

As you spend more time to Shion, you realize that there is a lot more to him than what meets the eye.  A tragic event that he feels responsible for from his past haunts him.  Perhaps he pretends not to care about anything or anyone because he is trying to protect himself from future heartache. Image

My Opinion: Even though I was worried that I would not appreciate Shion’s lazy attitude, I found myself enjoying this story.  This story is one of the saddest Voltage stories I have encountered so far (and I’ve gone through most!).  Yes, Shion is lazy, unmotivated, and rude.  But Voltage has developed Shion’s story in such a way that his past could have influenced him into being the lazy, everything-is-a-pain type of person that he is.  After all, what better way to protect yourself from future pain than to hold everyone at an arm’s length? (And don’t worry.  His sweet, caring side does come out… when your life is in danger.)

This story does have some funny moments, but it is not as laugh-out-loud funny as some of the other Voltage stories because of the somber plot.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have some cute moments with Shion.  output_4gZchx

This story also lets you take a closer look at Sylvia, the one female knight you meet in some of the other stories.  And when I say closer look… I mean figuratively… and literally. Image

Overall, if you think you can handle Shion’s attitude and don’t mind a sadder story, you will probably enjoy this one.  I did laugh out loud at how Voltage decided to conveniently wrap up the plotline in this story (the truth behind the enemy forces and their motives for the kidnapping the king).  In a novel or movie, that technique would be a big no-no.  But for this story… it didn’t bother me since the rest of the story was well-developed.

The Endings: There are 2 available: Good and Happy.  Both endings start the same way but branch off separately during the party/feast to celebrate your return home.  During the Good Ending, Shion swears his loyalty to you as a knight when he thinks no one else is looking.  During the Happy Ending, you sneak away from the party to look for Shion… who is napping in the Chapel.  Go figure. The two of you have a very cute conversation, and he swears his loyalty to you as a knight and as a man.  And, appropriately, he asks you to accept him for the person he is… even though it may be a pain.


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