Takuto Hirukawa – Sequel Review

Image(An LOL moment. I could totally picture Riki standing in front of the bathroom mirror with his shirt off and clicking away with a camera.)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been about one year since you and Takuto have started dating. One day Takuto lets you read his great-grandfather’s diary. In the diary, you read about Shizuko, the woman Takuto’s great-grandfather loved before he married Takuto’s great-grandmother. He had passed away before he was able to give Shizuko a music box that he had put together just for her. You make it your mission to find the music box and give it to Shizuko. Unfortunately, you butt heads with the mafia in Italy during this mission. Good thing you’ve got Takuto to back you up because this may be your most dangerous mission yet…

Review with screenshots, spoilers, and CGs after the jump. If you just want the walkthrough, go over here instead.

Takuto: At this point, you are already aware of Takuto’s personality. He continues to hide his real feelings behind his biting comments. Image

And he continues to bully Boss. Image

However, in this story you get to dig a little deeper into his family history. You will get to learn more about his relationship with his parents and his sad, lonely childhood. Image

My Opinion: If you are a fan of Takuto, you will enjoy reading the next chapter in his relationship with the MC. Voltage has further developed his past and even offers us a plausible reason for why his parents were such jerks so negligent when he was a child. His commitment to you is also tested when you are put in a couple dangerous positions while you are participating in the missions in Italy. If you want to see Takuto risk his life to save yours, you will want to read this story. Image(Although, I never said he would do it gracefully. :))

Also, make sure you save frequently and select some of those “wrong” responses. Some of them have very amusing results.

The Endings: There are 2 endings available: Happy and Good. During the Good Ending, you pamper a clingy and dependent Takuto while he recovers from his injuries. Actually, he was sooo clingy that it kind of bothered me. Oh well. During the Happy Ending, the two of you visit Takuto’s grandfather’s grave before heading home. The two of you take a steamy bath together before bed. At that point, Takuto cutely informs you that he wants you to give him a pet name nickname that you will use as his girlfriend.

And here are the 3 CGs. The last one makes me laugh out loud. IMG_2473 IMG_2474 IMG_2475


3 thoughts on “Takuto Hirukawa – Sequel Review

  1. Oh. Gosh. I was thinking the exact same thing when I got to that point when Takuto compared himself to Riki… It’s really not surprising… If you are that kind of girl who is obsessed with voltage.

    Sometimes, I don’t know whether or not to hate voltage or love it.
    Hate: because they have really BAD plot twist AND they make me the
    Girl who liked being alone to watch videos and pretends to be with other people

    Love: because some of these characters make me wanna laugh.

  2. Just finished reading Riki’ s main story … 😍 The love pentagon (MC – Riki – Takuto – Tatsuro – Mitsuru — hexagon if you count the MC’s other random admirers as another entity, LOL) makes me want to buy Takuto’s story next! I wonder when Tatsuro’s story will go on sale?! 😅

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