Takuto Hirukawa – Sequel Walkthrough


Voltage has been kind enough to spoil us with a lot of updates recently.  (And one of the surveys from their apps –I think the Office Secrets one– asked about what type of story we would prefer to read –> possibly a sign that they are ready to start translating a new story/app for us fans? I hope so!)

Here is Takuto’s walkthrough for the Happy Ending.  If you would prefer a review with spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs, go over here instead. 

Chapter 1

  • Girlfriend.
  • Yes.

Chapter 2

  • Leave him be.
  • Pacify him.

Chapter 3

  • We’re dating.
  • Get mad.

Chapter 4

  • Nervous?
  • Let him kiss me.

Chapter 5

  • Kenshi
  • Cute.
  • Sightseeing in the city.

Chapter 6

  • Takuto has to get in first.
  • Bedroom.

Chapter 7

  • I’m so ashamed…

Chapter 8

  • It’s show time.
  • Laser beam.

Chapter 9

  • Figurine.
  • I was so scared.

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