Subaru Ichiyanagi – Sequel Review


Basic Story Premise: Gunshots ring out during a party you attend for your father.  Which means –yep, you guessed it– your life is in danger.  Again.  Luckily, Subaru, your stylist fiancee, is around to protect you.  However, things are about to become complicated when it turns out there may be a leak within the police force.  Who is responsible for the new threat to your life?  And how will Subaru’s possible upcoming promotion affect his role as your special bodyguard?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump.  

Subaru: I’m sure you know Subaru’s personality by now.  However, throughout the story, different characters chime in about how his relationship with you has changed him.  For example…Imageand…Image

My Opinion: If you enjoy Subaru, you will most likely enjoy this addition to this story.  He is his usual, charmingly cocky self, and he isn’t afraid to smother you with his affection.  Some of the other strong points to this sequel include all the side characters.  The rest of the bodyguard team will be around to flirt with you. Image(One of the boys even proclaim his love for you.)

And you encounter Kosugi. (Just once, unfortunately.)IMG_2760

And you even have this guy.  ImageYes, that’s right.  Goto’s struck me into being speechless.  I have been dying to meet this hunk ever since he waltzed in during the Subaru/Katsuragi Sub Story.  He is available on  Bodyguard for Gree… but I do not have the patience for that. (Damn ender is near impossible to accrue…)

But anyway, time for me to get back on track.  (Stop being so distracting, Goto.) Those are some of the strong points of the story.  My one (minor) complaint would have to be some of the plot elements during the end of the sequel.  During the “final battle”… I was kind of confused about what was going on and why the bodyguards were soooo overwhelmed.  The bodyguards mention not expecting “so many people” or “so much resistance.”  But if there are such overwhelming forces, how did they suddenly crash the party when there were special forces guarding the outside and inside of the buildling? I could just be nitpicking, but overall for the climactic confrontation… it was a little weak.  And then you top off the “climactic” battle with this moment…Image…Really?  Guy with a gun on the roof can’t hit two people dangling in the middle of the air but can still manage to shoot part of the rope ladder hanging off a helicopter?

Oh well.  Other than the hiccup with the final battle, I still enjoyed the story overall.

The Endings: There are 2 available: Good and Happy.  They are very similar to each other (villains are captured, everyone on the team has survived, issue regarding Subaru’s promotion is resolved).  And both endings finish with Subaru formally asking you to marry him: during the Happy ending he takes you to a church from his childhood and during the Good ending he takes you out on his yacht.  Yes.  Yacht.  (Add that to his already long list of “Reasons why Subaru is a great catch.” Owns a yacht.  Check.)

And here are his CGs.  ImageImageImage


3 thoughts on “Subaru Ichiyanagi – Sequel Review

  1. I came across your blog today while looking for stuff on Genji and Soji and who would be the better guy (hehe). And now I can’t stop reading your reviews — almost like playing the apps themselves — great job!

    I’d love to read a review on Kaiji and Yamato! 🙂

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