Lute – Sequel Review


Basic Story Premise: You are now settled into the castle as the Princess of Rapier.  However, you very quickly realize that life as a princess is quite demanding.  You attend your very first Senate meeting with the intent of doing good for your country… but are not taken seriously by the members of the Senate.  What will it take for the Senate to respect you as the Princess?  Or will you choose to simply step down from your position…

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the cut.  

Lute: Lute is his typical follow-the-rules, proper, noble self.  ImageIn his sequel, he continues to look after you in his gentle, loving manner.

My Opinion: Well, let’s start with the good things.  It’s always good to see more of the boys.  Image(Wow.  Thanks for those really profound words, Shion.)

And Haku is around to complain about how Lute is the only one who gets to flirt with you, and Kenny is around to talk about his sweet rolls.  (No, seriously.  I would have to say that 95% of Kenny’s lines have to do with sweet rolls.  His obsession has been taken to a whole new level in this story.) Image

Let’s see, what else was good about this story?


Okay.  To be honest, my list of complaints is much longer than my list of strengths for this sequel.  (Writing that basic story premise up there was hard.  Because everything I was writing sounded… boring.) I’m not going to go into super detail, but I will point out a few of the big things that made me stop while reading the story and think, “what the hell?”

Main Problem Number 1

During the first main action scene, Lute and Shion are forced to lay down their weapons because some bandits have taken an old man from the village hostage.  Once they put their weapons down, the bandits decide they want to beat the two knights to death.

And now, you might be wondering, where are you, the MC, during this event?  Well.  You’re standing there.  In plain sight. Being ignored.


Come on.  What self respecting bandit is going to ignore a commodity like a Princess who is standing around like a useless pile of wood and choose to beat up a couple knights while holding some random old man hostage? Clearly, these bandits must have skipped class the day they learned about “always take the most valuable person hostage” during villain school.

ImageYou know something is not quite right when a princess can actually push her way through a group of bandits.

They continue to beat up the knights until you, the MC, volunteer yourself to be their new hostage.  (And no, we can’t use the excuse that the bandits did not realize you were there or that you were the princess.  Just a few screens before, they acknowledge that you, the Princess, are there with the knights.)

Main Problem Number 2

At one point during this really badly written Bandit-Knight-Princess confrontation, one the bandits mention that they were paid to show up at the village and cause problems.  And yet, instead of investigating it as soon as you get home, you (dense MC that you are in this story) forget about it.  You don’t even tell anyone about it.

Come on, Voltage.  The MC in this story seems to have dropped a few IQ points.  If Voltage wasn’t going to have MC act on what she heard, then they should have just removed that scene where she overhears it.  There.  Problem solved.

Luckily, Shion decides to do some random investigating.  (Not really sure why he suddenly decided to take the initiative and investigate).  And he gets to the bottom of things.  Image

Main Problem Number 3

The Senate is too malleable.  FIrst, they spend 90% of the story telling you that you don’t know what you’re doing as a princess.  In the final scene of the plot, they even laugh at you.  About two screens later (once the corrupt member is removed), they applaud you. Sorry, Voltage, I have a hard time believing that a group of men who are responsible for running a country can laugh at their country’s princess in one breath and then congratulate her on her hard work in the next breath.  That’s just bad writing.  Even if you remove the one sour grape, there is no way a group of people should be able to undergo such a complete change.  If I was the Princess for a Senate like that, I would have to refer the members to counseling.  And then kick them out of the Senate.

Overall: I personally think that this story is one of Voltage’s weakest that I’ve read so far. And no one even touches on the issue about the Princess being romantically involved with a Knight, even though it is still mentioned here and there that they shouldn’t be in a relationship because of their social classes.  Is the King going to continue ignoring what is happening right under his nose?  And no one else at the castle has noticed the relationship?

However, this story does not diminish any of my appreciation for Lute.  His interactions with MC are still sweet and adorably earnest.  I just wish he had a better story to go with his cute smile.  If you’re a solid Lute fan, you’ll still enjoy this addition.

The Endings: There are 2 available: Happy and Good.  Both endings start the same way: You attend a Senate meeting and are taken seriously and treated with respect.  In the Good Ending, there is a party.  Lute escorts you to your room because you are tipsy.  However, before anything romantic can occur, the other boys crowd into your room.  During the Happy Ending, you and Lute renew your commitment to each other and decide to plant a tree to take care of together.  (Refer to third CG.)


2013-07-23 22.41.01



5 thoughts on “Lute – Sequel Review

  1. Lute looks pretty… Hot. Well, at least, in the second CG…
    I’ve been thinking. What if Voltage had like a, uh, sweepstakes? Like one where you get to go to the company, make a plot for the next story of the month, AND get FREE games that ARE NOT gree?? I’m just imagining like that will ever happen.

  2. hehehe Lute is so adorable, I can’t help fangirling whenever he blushes. someday its going to be the death of me.
    how do you do gifs?

  3. Why is Shion holding a gun in the second CG? O.O I always thought that this story was long before the gun making or inventing days? can someone help me understand please

  4. Lute is completely like damn hot. OMG, i love him so much. So protective of the MC. Even his blushing and normal face make my heart race

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