Eduardo – Second Sequel Review

2013-07-29 19.50.08(Wait… When did you grow out your hair?)

Basic Story Premise: After spending the last two years as the King and Queen of Uru, you and Eduardo return to Sirius. Eduardo is still feeling conflicted about his future: does he want to stay on the SIrius or does he want to return to being King again of Uru? Together with the crew of Sirius, you voyage to your homeland of Yamato so that you can introduce Eduardo to your family, but once you arrive you run into trouble. Your visit home basically goes down like this: “Oh, hi, MC! I’m so glad you have finally returned home. Now stand still so we can put some handcuffs on you.”

…Why has the King of Yamato ordered your capture? And what will it take for him to agree to release you and the rest of the crew?

Review with spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the cut. If you just want a walkthrough, move over here.

(Random-Diora-Sidenote: Yikes, it’s been awhile since I read Eduardo’s Main Story!  I totally forgot that Eduardo treated MC like his pet.  Eduardo’s character description has been updated to reflect changes! 7/30/2013)

Eduardo: In the Main Story, Eduardo and MC have an interesting relationship.  Eduardo can be mean and bossy.  And he likes to threaten to feed you to various aquatic wildlife.  And there were a few times where he treated you like you were his pet dog.

During Eduardo’s first Sequel, he was still mean-ish, bossy, and threatening.  But he didn’t really treat you like his dog anymore.

Not to worry though.  In his Second Sequel, the pet dog – owner relationship makes a reappearance.  If you’re into that kind of thing.  🙂

2013-07-29 20.10.49…Come again, Eduardo?

Even more surprising was MC’s response to this statement. 2013-07-29 20.11.24

So as you progress through the story, get used to being treated like his little pet dog.
2013-07-29 20.12.17
(And to reiterate. In this screenshot, the dog Eduardo is referring to is You. The MC.)

Let’s move on to the rest of the story.

My Opinion: It’s nice to finally have MC return to her homeland. 2013-07-29 20.16.04Yeah, except for the whole “we want to arrest you” part.

Unfortunately, a lot of the plot felt contrived. A new King who has a really bad foreign policy who just happens to demand that MC and Eduardo be separated <use a dramatic voice for the next word> forever < end dramatic voice>. 2013-07-29 20.22.50And so you agree to the terms for the sake of preventing a war between Yamato and Uru. But then you decide to run away to find Eduardo.

After one measly day.

(Even though Tanomo, the villain, said that if you disappeared from Yamato he will declare war.) 2013-07-29 20.37.26(When did the MCs in Voltage’s story start being selfish? Not that I particularly mind, but it seems a little out of character.)

There is a decent climactic action scene at the end of the story where MC rescues Eduardo.  However, the action plot is set up alongside Eduardo’s emotional dilemma for the story:  “But I want to be a pirate and voyage around the world… But I don’t want to drag innocent MC around with me… But now I have responsibilites as a Uru King…”

Hmmm… does that quandary sound familiar?

Why, yes.  Yes it does.  It is the same emotional dilemma Eduardo faces in his first sequel.  And also in his main story (but without the king part).

Overall, I’m disappointed that Voltage rehashed the same issues from Eduardo’s previous stories in his newest sequel. The main difference between his first sequel and second sequel is the setting: First sequel involves Eduardo’s homeland and a villain from his own race causing trouble. Second sequel involves MC’s homeland and a villain from MC’s homeland causing trouble. Tada.  It would have been nice to see Eduardo evolve with different problems to address for his future with MC.  However, if you are a huge fan of Eduardo, you will most likely still enjoy this story.  …Just don’t read it right after you finish his first sequel, or you might feel like you’re reading the same story with a different action plot.

Endings: There are 2 available: Super Happy and Happy. During Super Happy, you and Eduardo are able to have a second, more formal wedding in traditional Yamato style. (Your first wedding is very informal and happens in the first chapter.) During the Happy Ending, the crew celebrates their victory onboard the Sirius.

Here are the 3 CGs. Be prepared. Eduardo is not the same guy you remember.

2013-07-29 21.04.47 2013-07-29 21.04.52 2013-07-29 21.04.59


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