Kunihiko Aikawa – Main Story Review


Basic Story Premise: You have been living above the bar while helping Uncle (but not blood related) Kunihiko part-time. One day he asks you for a favor: pretend to be his fiancee for a few hours so that he can gently turn down advances from Yoko, the daughter of one of his business partners. Unfortunately, the media hears about your Uncle’s “engagement” and you are forced to continue the charade a while longer. What happens when you start to have feelings for Kunihiko, a free spirit who doesn’t like the constrictions of marriage? And what drama will unfold when Yoko refuses to back down and let Kunihiko go?

My review with screenshots and some spoilers after the cut. If you just want a walkthrough, go here instead.

Kunihiko: Okay, first things first. Let me say what you’re thinking:

“Romance? With your Uncle? WTF, Voltage!”

Okay, now that we got that off our backs, we can move on with the review.

In case you are wondering, Kunihiko is approximately 9-12 years older than the MC. He babysat MC when she was in kindergarten, and he was in high school.

… … …

(Okay, if you think about that statement too much, you might get creeped out. So let’s keep chugging along.)

And they are not related by blood. (I wish Voltage had taken a few moments to explain how Kuni and MC are “related but not blood related.” But they did not.)

Back to describing Kunihiko. The other characters (and the MC) repeatedly mention that Kunihiko is a free spirit: carefree and irresponsible. Image

However, as someone who is reading the story, I didn’t really observe him to behave in that manner. Yes, he does not commit to women (but his reason for that is learned later in the story). But I have a hard time seeing someone who is “carefree and irresponsible” becoming a wealthy, successful CEO who is a big name in the business world. Instead, I would characterize Kunihiko as silly and a little immature, but smart and commited to his work. So I have to say that I disagree with how Voltage chose to describe Kunihiko in the story compared to the way he actually behaves.

Once we get past that mismatch, Kunihiko is a fun and charming character.

My Opinion: Although this story is not one of my favorites, I still enjoyed it. One of the unique things about this story is the relationship between Kunihiko and you, the MC. It is very lighthearted and comfortable. The two of you easily trade banter and tease each other from the very beginning of the story. To see an example of the interaction, refer to this gif. output_UB5ds8

You can definitely tell the MC and Kunihiko have known each other for a long time. Voltage did a great job creating a believable relationship.

I also liked learning about Kunihiko’s back story. ImageEven though MC knows Uncle Kunihiko from growing up around him, she learns new things about him that help her understand him as a man. For example, he doesn’t stay with any one woman for a long time because he does not believe that he deserves to find love and happiness because of an event from his past.

Also, (for Yamato fans out there), Yamato is a rival for your affections in Kunihiko’s story. Well, all the boys hit on you. But Yamato’s interest in you is taken to another level. Yamato even forces a confrontation between himself and Kunihiko. ImageIt is a very touching, heart-warming confrontation to read. For the purpose of the plot, it felt a little contrived. This part of the plot may have flowed smoother if Voltage had taken more time to show us how Yamato was developing feelings for MC instead of just jumping to the conclusion that he is in love with her.

And in case you are curious, here’s a look at your rival for Kunihiko. Meet Yoko, the villain of this story.Image

Overall, there were some weaknesses in the story, but reading Kunihiko and MC’s banter made me smile. MC has some sass in response to some of Kunihiko’s remarks. And I was pleasantly surprised by the ending(s)!

The Endings: There are 2 endings available, Super Happy and Happy. The Super Happy Ending concludes the story the way you expect it to end: Kunihiko breaks off his almost arranged marriage with Yoko, confesses his love, and proposes to you.

However, the Happy Ending will surprise you. Because it… is actually not happy. For a second as I was reading through it, I thought I was reading a “Normal Ending.” (If you read Be My Princess Non-Gree, you know those stories have 3 endings. 2 Happy ones and one Normal. The Normal ending concludes with the two of you basically not being together for one reason or another.) Kunihiko does turn down the arranged marriage with Yoko, but then he tells you that he can’t be with you because he feels like he relies on you too much. He wants to go back to being Uncle and niece. I think I liked the Happy Ending more just because it was so unexpected.


4 thoughts on “Kunihiko Aikawa – Main Story Review

  1. I do believe that in the Season 2 main story their relationship is more clearly defined. Assuming I’m not mixed up, I think the MC’s grandmother used to be part of the Aikawa family. However, Kuni’s dad was adopted by the Aikawa family. Thus the pair is only related by name and not blood. Hope I cleared that up for everyone!

    • Though the happy ending is as bittersweet as the ones in metro pd, the sweet ending is the cannons since relationship continues. Thanks for the review though. I always look for them since I feel that Kuni is much underloved. And I worry about his future releases in voltage. I just am bitter about it because equal content should be a must, not a bait tp entice sales and I think voltage as buisness has to offer preferential treatment to the popular characters to boost sales. I”m really apprehensive whether they will cotne with his release sin the future and maybe some future apps too

  2. Furthermore…I don;t think I agree with your evaluation of the happy ending..that happy ending carries a promise for the Mc. But Kuni wants them to have their own lives first, be independent before they enter a relationship. It;s not a bad ending, you just need to read between the lines. I say the happy ending for Kuni is a mature one.

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