Kunihiko Aikawa – Main Story Walkthrough


If you need a little extra help with the Super Happy Ending, here is a walkthrough for you to reference for Kunihiko’s Main Story.  If you want to read a more detailed review, click over here.  

Chapter 1

  • Smile quietly
  • He’s positive.

Chapter 2

  • This is your favorite
  • It was rather normal

Chapter 3

  • Leave it on the table
  • Thank him earnestly

Chapter 4

  • Pull hands away
  • Don’t ask anything

Chapter 5

  • Go shopping for supplies
  • Joke back

Chapter 6

  • Pick one myself
  • Fix it for him

Chapter 7

  • Close eyes
  • Joke and say “It’s tough”

Chapter 8

  • Pinch his arm
  • Because we live together

Chapter 9

  • Don’t move
  • Don’t move

Chapter 10

  • Glare and yell
  • “Are you sure?”

Chapter 11

  • Think about it
  • Thanks for coming

Chapter 12

  • Absolutely
  • I’ll invite a friend

Chapter 13

  • Because you go on dates
  • Stay put

Chapter 14

  • Tea
  • Get up to leave

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