Prince Joshua Lieben – Second Sequel Review

ImageImage(Joshua’s having an adorably naive moment again. #richpeopleproblems)

Basic Story Premise: You’ve finished your “Princess Training” and preparations for the wedding are underway. However, Joshua’s teacher from his childhood, Frantz, shows up… and suddenly the two of you have to live with his rules and additional training to prepare as a couple. As the two of you struggle to endure Frantz’ difficult training, a natural disaster occurs in one of the Nerwan Kingdom’s colonies. You and Joshua desperately want to help Prince Leonardo but are limited by the rules of Dres Van. Will Prince Joshua find a way to honor the traditions and laws of Dres Van while also helping the people from the colony? Or will some rules have to finally be put aside…?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the cut!

Joshua: Is still the same young man that you met in his main story: determined to succeed, a little narrowminded, and adorably awkward when he is trying to express his affection to you. In this sequel, he continues his antics. 2013-08-01 17.20.55He even falls asleep. On top of you. During one of your passionate moments. (Hey, the two of you aren’t even married yet… and he’s falling asleep on you during the middle of the act. That’s not a good sign, is it? LOL.)

My Opinion: I thought that this was a cute story but with a plot that has already been done. The “villain” of the story initially comes off as very rude, harsh, and inconsiderate. 2013-08-01 02.42.59However, the MC grows on Frantz, and it turns out that Frantz is not a villain after all. And (SPOILER, STOP reading here if you don’t want the ending revealed) it turns out that Frantz and the King are testing Joshua again (similar to what happens in the first sequel). For a kingdom that is obsessed with rules, they sure do have a lot of tests that examine the future king’s ability to break the rules.

(There is also a minor plot hole/mistake in the sequel. Did you notice it while reading? How could the little girl from the ceremony recognize the MC as the princess later on when the little girl never saw MC’s face?? Hmm… curious. Curious indeed.)

Although the plot is not very remarkable in this sequel, there are a good amount of “cute” moments that will make you smile throughout the story. Check out this gif of Joshua and the little girl. output_PiJIIK

And the King and Queen also share a cute moment when they argue about future grandchildren. Refer to the following gif. output_99bqThMilk…and hugs? I guess those are the top 2 things children need in life. Ah. Now I see that Joshua gets his adorable awkwardness from his mother.

One more interesting note, if you have just read the main story and first sequel before moving on to Joshua’s second sequel, you may notice that Voltage’s vocabulary selection is suddenly very different. They must have got a new translator supervising this sequel. For example, 2013-08-01 02.22.30Suddenly the MC calls Prince Joshua “My Lord” instead of “Prince Joshua” or even “Joshua”. Also, the story utilizes words like tizzy and dither. Leonardo calls Joshua “a stiff.” And MC is wondering “who jammed the stick up [Frantz] butt.” The interesting word choices felt a little out of place at times. Did anyone else observe the different vocabulary in this sequel?

The Endings: There are 2 endings available: Good and Happy. Both endings start off the same: you are in your dressing room with your mother preparing for the wedding. During the Good Ending, you go through one more dress rehearsal (where you piss of Frantz) before stepping out for the parade on your way back to Dres Van. During the Happy Ending, you go through your actual wedding ceremony with Joshua (without pissing off Frantz), meet up with the rest of the princes for an amusing conversation, and then head off for the parade. During the Happy Ending, you also get to learn that Joshua made your wedding ring. (And by “made” I think Voltage actually meant “designed.”) He also left you an engraving with a special meaning on the band. Be prepared for cuteness overload.

And here are the 2 CGs!

2013-08-01 18.05.11 2013-08-01 18.05.19


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