Prince Wilfred Spencer – Main Story Review

Image(Well, that depends on what I am watching…Hmmm….)

Basic Story Premise: After attending the party, you return home to find your apartment ablaze.  Yikes.  Fortunately, you call up the old man you met in the park earlier that day for help.  You then find yourself a guest of the King and Queen of the Phillip Kingdom.  As you try to make yourself useful around the castle, you find yourself drawn to the quiet Prince Wilfred.  Unfortunately, his butler does not approve.  And things just get more complicated when Wilfred’s adorable fiancee comes into the picture…

My review with screenshots and some spoilers after the jump.  A walkthrough to reach his Normal Ending can be found here.  (Just choose the opposite answers for his Happy Ending.) 

Wilfred: Wilfred is a quiet, serious young man.  He does not open up easily, not even to his family members.  However, he is still quite popular (especially with the ladies).

When you first move into the castle, he is somewhat cold and detached.  However, he warms up to you when you ask if you can take care of the flowers inside the castle.  Claude also notices that Wilfred is treating you differently when he realizes that Wilfred lets you take care of the flowers in his office. Image

Speaking of Claude, he is a central character in Wilfred’s story.  ImageHowever, he has worse PMS mood swings than most girls I know.  As Wilfred warms up to you, Claude just gets colder and colder.  Until finally: Image

Luckily, Wilfred is usually around to take the sting out of Claude’s bite.  As you progress through the story, Wilfred protects you from Claude, paparazzi, other women, and even himself.  Image(Wait!  How am I supposed to take advantage of you if you leave??!)

My Opinion: Although this is not my favorite Be My Princess story, I don’t regret buying it.  This is the type of story where the MC warms the heart of the quiet and way-too-serious-about-his-job hero.  Wilfred’s commitment to being a good king is admirable, and his quiet demeanor is quite endearing.  I also liked Claude, even with his terrible mood swings and unpredictable behavior.

One of the things I liked most about Wilfred’s story is the fact that there are no true villains.  Instead, you have a collection of characters who have their own motivations and desires.  And these different perspectives move the plot along.  Let’s meet the cast of characters: (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)2013-07-30 02.10.39Prince Stephen: The brother who renounced his claim to the throne in order to be a doctor.
Miss Cecille: The cute lady who is engaged to marry the next king of Phillip although she is in love with Stephen.
Prince Wilfred: The younger brother who is struggling to meet his parent’s expectations when he is suddenly left with the responsibilities as next in line to the throne.
Claude: The loyal butler who will do anything and everything to help Wilfred suceed.
And of course… throw the MC in there and the fun never ends!

The Endings: There are 3 endings available: Normal, Good, and Happy.

Normal: Wilfred is able to call off his engagement with Miss Cecille, but his agreement with his parents is that he will not be engaged to anyone.  He lets you, the MC, choose whether or not you are willing to accept being with him even if the two of you can not be married (at this time, at least).

Good: Wilfred calls off his engagement, and Stephen agrees to be Prince and heir of Phillip again.  Wilfred gives up his responsibilites as prince and leaves the castle. The two of you live together as a “normal” couple.

Happy: Wilfred calls off his engagement and decides that you are the only person who can be his Queen.  He proclaims his love for you. So does Claude Claude also admits that he does not hate you.  This ending has a short epilogue in which people keep walking in on you when you and Wilfred are trying to be intimate.  ❤


One thought on “Prince Wilfred Spencer – Main Story Review

  1. I can only manage to read the party version… i am shocked and happy to see that wilfred can actually live as a commoner?! T_T i need to buy this omg

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