Prince Wilfred Spencer – Main Story Walkthrough – Normal Ending (Non-Gree)

Image(Oh, I don’t think that’s the problem here, Wilfred. Don’t worry.)

I am super excited to bring you a walkthrough for Prince Wilfred’s normal ending. I shed some serious blood, sweat, and tears to crack this ending. (Well, without the blood part. And I guess no tears either.) But seriously, I played through Wilfred’s story an embarrassing amount of times a lot to figure out this ending. My notes look insane. Now I can move on to Keith. Or maybe Glenn. Or maybe Zain. Choices, choices.

Feel free to play through and enjoy the walkthrough! If you want to take/repost it, please give me some credit and link back to my blog.

Chapter 1

  • Call out to Claude.
  • Prince Wilfred.

Chapter 2

  • I want to be of use to you.
  • Follow Claude.

Chapter 3

  • Why are you so kind to me?
  • Go and take a look at the courtyard.

Chapter 4

  • About Claude…
  • Keep heading towards the kitchen.

Chapter 5

  • I would love to.
  • Keep quiet.

Chapter 6

  • I want to stay like this a little longer…
  • Ask about Stephen.

Chapter 7

  • I will!
  • Call out to Miss Cecille.

Chapter 8

  • Don’t accept Prince Wilfred’s hand.
  • It’s nothing.

Chapter 9

  • No, not really.
  • Accept.

Chapter 10

  • I’d like some coffee, please.
  • You’re the best, of course.

Chapter 11

  • I’m glad His Majesty is well.
  • Say nothing.

Chapter 12

  • Ask Stephen about Miss Cecille.
  • Do you hate me that much?

Chapter 13

  • Follow Prince Wilfred.
  • It’s too painful…

Chapter 14

  • Don’t go.
  • Hesitate.

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