Haruka Utsunomiya – Main Story Walkthrough

Image(You’ll have to try a lot harder to discourage me, Haruka.  Luckily, I don’t get dissuaded that easily.)

Haruka’s Main Story has just been added to My Forged Wedding.  Here is one way to reach his Super Happy Ending.  

Chapter 1

  • Look away
  • It’s my fault because I was careless.

Chapter 2

  • Leave the room
  • Play it off.

Chapter 3

  • Sorry I’m ignorant.
  • Go along

Chapter 4

  • Laugh
  • Say no with a fair argument

Chapter 5

  • Fall silent
  • No.

Chapter 6

  • Hide under the covers
  • Bow back

Chapter 7

  • Go alone, of course
  • That’s sad too

Chapter 8

  • Thank you.
  • Go along with Haruka

Chapter 9

  • Don’t go along
  • Thank you for telling me.

Chapter 10

  • For yourself
  • Thank you for worrying about me.

Chapter 11

  • Is that a compliment?
  • That’s great.

Chapter 12

  • Don’t pry
  • Blush

Chapter 13

  • Give a vague answer
  • Wipe it off

Chapter 14

  • Wait for Haruka to speak
  • Don’t answer

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