Haruka Utsunomiya – Main Story Review

Image(Oh, okay.  Wait… what?? …I think my dog can make up a better excuse than that.)

Basic Story Premise: You’ve been staying in a room above Uncle Kuni’s bar while helping him part-time.  You are still searching for a job because Haruka, a famous ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) artist, mistakenly drags you away and distracts you just long enough to miss your latest interview.  However, the two of you are fated to randomly meet a few days later, when you walk in on him while he is changing get a temporary job as a housekeeper at his parent’s house but get lost on your first day.  After you clumsily break an expensive vase within the home, he suggests you pay him back by pretending to be his fiancée for 10 days.  Who is this guy, and why is he manipulating you into being his fiancée?  And even though he is usually perfectly composed and smiling, why do you catch him looking so sad when he thinks no one is looking?

A more in-depth description of Haruka, my review (with some spoilers and screenshots), and CGs after the jump.  If you just want a walkthrough, head over here instead.  

Haruka: The hero in this story is very elegant, well-mannered, graceful… Hold on.  I kind of feel like I’m describing a geisha.  Oh well.  2013-08-07 21.33.37

However, he has no problem teasing you, the MC. Check out this gif to see his initial response to you breaking a five million dollar vase. (What are they thinking leaving a five. million. dollar. vase laying around where clumsy people from Voltage story lines can break it.)output_HGzc7QOnce you agree to be his pretend-fiancee, it only takes you one night to figure out that Haruka is actually a very kind, sweet individual who goes out of his way to make you feel more comfortable in his apartment.  However, even though he is light-hearted and friendly, he is also rather quiet and difficult to read.  Several times throughout the story, MC is left wondering what Haruka is really thinking because he hides his thoughts and emotions quite well.

As the story progresses, the MC’s considerate, earnest personality makes an impression on Haruka, and he (very slowly) opens up to her.2013-08-07 21.49.20 (Yep, that’s me! Diora, the shoe-shining-extraordinaire!)

My Opinion: I enjoyed reading this story, but for others it will probably come down to a matter of preference.  If you are looking for a bossy, arrogant hero or a seductive smooth talker, I suggest you look elsewhere.  Haruka and his story are better described as “cute.”  He has a couple of rude-ish moments, but overall… he’s just really cute.  In a way, he reminds me a lot of Soji Higashiyama from In Your Arms Tonight: they are both well-known and respected artists who can be quiet and hard to read.  And their plot lines are similar because of something that threatens their ability to do their art.  However, Haruka’s story has several more laughs than Soji’s does because of the presence of the other boys.  Check out this gif. output_682ScrThe other boys are great at providing comic relief, and it is interesting to see them welcome a new companion to their bar (the only person who has a past relationship with Haruka is Takao).

The Endings: There are 2 available: Super Happy and Happy.  Both endings start the same: It’s been some time since you’ve seen or talked to Haruka.  You are headed out for an interview with the company Haruka recommended to you.  At the interview, you learn that Haruka and submitted a very touching Letter of Introduction to the interviewer highlighting all of your great qualities.

During the Happy Ending, you head to the bar to hang out with the rest of the boys.  While you are there, you watch Haruka on TV as he holds press conference where he confesses his deception to his fans and then states that he’s decided to come forward and be honest because he met someone (guess who?) who inspired him to do so.  And although he can’t at the current moment, he hopes to meet this person again in the future and admit his true feelings for her.

During the Super Happy Ending, you watch the press conference on your way back from the interview on a large screen in the middle of town.  Afterwards, you hurry over to his exhibit, where you discover that all of his pieces represent memories of the time the two of you spent together. He finds you standing at his last piece, confesses his feelings, and suggests that the two of you should really get married.

And here are the 6 CGs.

2013-08-07 23.29.01 2013-08-07 23.29.04 2013-08-07 23.29.09 2013-08-07 23.29.12 2013-08-07 23.29.15 2013-08-07 23.29.19


4 thoughts on “Haruka Utsunomiya – Main Story Review

  1. Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren! you need to do Ren if you have any sort of like of this story. I obsessed over him for weeks afterwards and felt guilty about buying a different story. Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!Ren!

  2. Have you played any of Yamato’s routes? If so, how did you find him? His route always makes me crack up and I thought that the plot was nicely executed, considering that Voltage made it. He’s neck-in-neck wih Ren, in my opinion (Thank God for My Wedding and 7 Rings)

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