Prince Keith Alford – Main Story Walkthrough – Normal Ending (Non-gree)

Image(Oh, Keith.  You are so adorably rude.)

Isabella, a commentor on my blog, was kind enough to share her Normal Ending walkthrough for Keith with me so I can post the responses on this blog.  Now everyone can enjoy his Normal Ending! (Which is way more sad than I was expecting it to be.)  Thank you for your generosity, Isabella!

If you want to take/repost the walkthrough, please give Isabella some credit and link back to my blog. It takes a lot of effort to figure out these normal endings. Walkthrough available after the jump.  

Chapter 1

  • I’ve never danced before
  • I am not that kind of girl!

Chapter 2

  • There’s no way!
  • Tell her what happened at the party

Chapter 3

  • Walk away quietly
  • I’m not interested in His Highness.

Chapter 4

  • What is your relationship with Laura?
  • Don’t say anything

Chapter 5

  • Don’t say anything
  • Reach out for an empty seat

Chapter 6

  • Keep quiet and follow Luke
  • I’m glad we found some food

Chapter 7

  • I’m sorry to have worried you…
  • Look away

Chapter 8

  • Head towards the food stalls
  • No, we’re fine

Chapter 9

  • Respond
  • Because I know how Laura feels

Chapter 10

  • Leave the office
  • Tell Luke what happened

Chapter 11

  • I hope they will
  • I don’t want to be apart

Chapter 12

  • Zain told me
  • Don’t respond

Chapter 13

  • Shouldn’t you keep the Secretary?
  • Thank you for what you did today

Chapter 14

  • Look away
  • Try to hide the truth

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