Kakeru Kamui – Main Story Review


Basic Story Premise: You ask for 10 more days to live because your frail older sister is scheduled to have her first child soon. You choose Kakeru, the Demon Prince, to be your personal devil because you know him from work. The two of you clash when he continually tries to order you around, but he stays true to his word about keeping you alive for 10 more days… even if it means hiding you from Rein, an angel who is trying to sniff you out (literally). Even though you’ve only got 10 days left, you start to enjoy the time you have with Kakeru. What happens when your sister starts having complications with her pregnancy? Will you stay alive long enough to see your niece or will you be found out by Rein and taken away to become “toast”? And will Kakeru ever admit he has feelings for you too or will he be bound by his obligations as Demon Prince and forced to let you go?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the cut.

Kakeru: Is the Demon Prince and heir to the Demon Realm. And he’s been raised to hold the burden of the Demon race on his shoulders. So it’s not a suprise to that he’s arrogant. And bossy. 2013-08-08 21.59.05

And he doesn’t particularly care about humans. 2013-08-08 22.57.32

And he also doesn’t like women because they are just interested in his social status. (I guess that’s two strikes against you as the MC, huh? Human and female.)

When you first enter the Demon House with Kakeru, you thank him for extending your life. And he responds by saying…2013-08-08 21.43.38Hmmm… I feel like I’ve had this conversation before…I’m having flashbacks to Haruka from My Forged Wedding. 2013-08-08 21.46.11Okay… maybe not having flashbacks to Haruka after all. Thanks for clearing that up, Kakeru.

As you fall in love with Kakeru, you see the other sides of him. He’s quite ticklish. Likes to wear silly T-shirts. And is afraid of Chihuahuas. Yep. Demon Princes can be afraid of tiny dogs.

My Opinion: This is an entertaining story about a hero who is rough around the edges but adorably lovable on the inside. The MC is very spunky in Kakeru’s story. Check out what she says to Kakeru when she’s tired of him being rude in this gif. output_vORjPu

And she’s not afraid to dish out a few insults right back to Kakeru. Here’s another gif for you.output_CA0f9p

The story itself has a great combination of comedy (provided by the other demons, Kakeru, and even by the MC herself) and action. Actually, parts of the story reminded me of My Forged Wedding and Thief X. I played Satoru’s story before Kakeru, and even though I do like both Satoru’s insulting personality and Kakeru’s bossy one, I found myself enjoying Kakeru’s plot line a lot more because a lot more is happening during Kakeru’s story line.

You also get to know the other demons better in Kakeru’s main story. Satoru is actually very charming, Haruhito wants to make a pig sculpture with you as his model, and Shiki…2013-08-09 00.22.39Well, Shiki appears to be a combination of Shion from Knights and Takuto from Thief X. (Can’t wait for his story to be released.)

There were a couple weak points in the plot. Most of them involved Kakeru using his powers out in the open where people can see. Why in the world would Kakeru (the responsible Demon Prince, let me remind you) suddenly pick you up and fly you into a tree in the middle of a park during the middle of the day when he’s so concerned with not revealing the demon world to humans? Not to mention using his powers at the bowling alley where you are surrounded by other humans.

Other than those negligible mistakes, this was a well put together story.

The Endings: There are 2 endings available: Super Happy and Happy. Both endings resolve with Kakeru not being exterminated and the MC not being toasted. (But they each reach those resolutions a little bit differently.) In the Super Happy Ending, you move out of the Demon House and into a new apartment. Afterwards, Kakeru takes you to the restaurant where you had your first date and informally proposes to you. During the Happy Ending, you’ve somehow come down with a cold since returning from the Demon Realm. All the demon boys try to take care of you until Kakeru kicks them out. (Shiki has an adorably hilarious scene in this ending, btw.) Kakeru promises to take care of you forever and kisses you… until someone walks in on you guys again.

Here are his CGs. 2013-08-09 01.09.59 2013-08-09 01.10.14 2013-08-09 01.10.27 2013-08-09 01.10.46 2013-08-09 01.11.04


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