Tamotsu Goda – Main Story Review

2013-08-11 23.34.39(Yeah! And after that we can jump on the bed and have a pillow fight and… Hold on.  Say, what??)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been 3 months since you’ve been transferred to New Business.  Your team has already finished one project and are ready to start another.  When you are overwhelmed by your latest responsibilities and worried about letting down the team, your boss, Mr. Goda, is there to support you.  When the other members of your team start to sing Mr. Goda’s praises, you become fascinated with your boss.  However, your coworkers share some interesting gossip about Mr. Goda with you: that he’s divorced, has a child, and is currently dating a much younger woman.  As you balance the responsibilities of your latest assignment, will you be able to keep your relationship with Mr. Goda strictly professional?  And although you don’t want to pay heed to office gossip, you can’t help but wonder: who is the young woman you see him with on your day off…

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the CGs after the jump. 

Tamotsu: Goda fulfills the role of the “older male” option that Voltage offers with each of their stories.  He is 10 years older than you (the MC is 24 years old in this story).  He is an amazing boss and an inspiring leader.  2013-08-11 22.21.17

You, the MC, hear so many good things about him that you develop a crush on him by the second chapter of his story.  Indeed, Goda has it easy in this story: he didn’t even have to do anything before the MC started falling for him.

However, he is a very likeable guy.  He is easy-going and knows exactly how to encourage and push his team to make them work their hardest.  Even workaholic Tora has good things to say about him.  2013-08-12 00.10.16(Good to know.  Thanks for sharing Tora.)

My Opinion: Let’s start with the good.

In this story, the MC is actually pulling her own weight and not just assisting another team member with a project.  In the other Office Secrets stories I have read (I haven’t read all of them, however), the MC “assists” or is the “deputy assistant” for the chosen hero of the story.  That’s fine.  However, in Goda’s story, he gives her assignments that she has to complete on her own.  And when she is successful, the other team members aren’t afraid to shower her with praise and recognition.  In the other stories, I felt like the MC’s role could have been filled by any other female character.  But in this story, her experiences and her skills make her successful.  Good job, MC.

Now moving on to the not-so-good.

The game has got some coding errors/bugs.  (Yes, Voltage usually has mistakes scattered here and there.  As long as the mistakes don’t repeatedly ruin the flow of the story, I’m fine.) 2013-08-11 22.30.35You’re going to see this sort of error 5 times before the 3rd chapter.  And there is also an error with one of the “choose your response” moments where it asks you to choose your response before the appropriate time.  And then it plays through both of the responses one after another after you’ve chosen one.  Confusing.

And then, during one of the few romantic moments of the story, Goda stealthily passes you a work document with a post-it note attached on top of it.  Oooh!  A post-it with a possible secret message from Goda?  Yes, please!  And then you look to read the message and…

2013-08-11 23.46.34 Wait… what?  …Note to self.  Check your grammar and spelling before sending someone a love note.  Because a badly written one can definitely kill the mood.  (Voltage, who is proofing your material?)

And this last bit is plot related, not bug/coding/grammar check related.  Workers at the local store go on strike.  And MC comes to the rescue… by offering them chocolate.  2013-08-12 00.08.59Huuuh?  I understand that there is a cultural difference between Japan and the store location in the story (New York).  However, as a reader from the US… I was just perplexed by this scene and how Voltage described it.  The issue was something about the workers wanting unscheduled breaks versus scheduled ones like they have in Japan.  During my (admittedly narrow) experience with retail, we had scheduled breaks.  And then my confusion is just exacerbated by the solution: MC passes out expensive chocolate… and then workers happily jump back to work.  Literally, I’m just scratching my head in confusion at this point.  The scene itself is already contrived, but the insufficient explanation on Voltage’s part just made it worse.  Oh well.

Also something to note for you fans of romantic scenes: there really isn’t that much… romance in this story.  Whenever Goda and MC get close  and you think there might be a kiss/embrace/intimate gesture, Goda jumps back and says things like 2013-08-12 00.00.26(Goda! Stop being such a tease!)

Throughout the story, Goda stays pretty professional.  (Especially compared to Tora’s story which has scenes of him pulling MC into empty office rooms to steal kisses.) Remember: Goda doesn’t need to do anything particularly romantic or eye-catching because MC is already in love with him starting from the 2nd chapter.

There are a few cute moments which are instigated by Marika who isn’t afraid to come straight out and say things like 2013-08-11 23.00.42 She’s actually the only person in the story who can fluster Goda and create reactions like this one. 2013-08-11 23.51.04(Most of the time Goda is calm and smiling.)

Overall, even without the usual dose of romance that you usually find in Voltage’s stories, I thought this story was…okay.  It’s not my favorite Voltage story, but I didn’t dislike it either.  I’ve been looking forward to Goda’s every since he flirted with you during Shingo’s story.  Wait… now that I think about it… Goda flirts with you more in Shingo’s story than he actually does in his own story… that kind of makes me sad.  I want to see more of Goda’s light-hearted, flirty side.  But I guess that would be too inappropriate because he is supposed to be your boss.  Voltage decided to stay on the safer, more professional side of the line with the boss-employee relationship in this main story.  Maybe he will be a little less professional in an epilogue or sequel…

The Endings: There are 2 endings available: Happy and Normal.  Both endings are available for you to read after you finish going through the story one time.  Both endings start off the same way: New Business and the local staff are enjoying a party after a successful opening.  Then you find a chance to slip away to meet Goda on the roof.  During the Happy Ending, you find the courage to admit your feelings to Goda.  He then responds by saying that he wanted to tell you that he’s fallen for you as well.  The two of you decide to have a confidential relationship.  During the Normal Ending, Goda stops you just as you start telling him about your feelings for him.  He says that he regrets losing control and embracing you two weeks ago.  He then tells you that he would like to continue watching you grow as his employee with only a professional relationship between the two of you.

And here are the 2 (only 2??) CGs.

2013-08-12 00.21.49 2013-08-12 00.22.29


One thought on “Tamotsu Goda – Main Story Review

  1. his story kind of disappointed me. I guess i was still riding high from Kippei’s story in In Your Arms Tonight, I thought another boss-as-a-lover storyline would bring about the same feelings. definitely not so.

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