Kippei Ebihara – Sequel Review

2013-08-18 04.13.45(Hahahaha… Akiko has busted out her scary face to threaten Ebihara.  That’s true friendship.)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been a year since you and Kippei have become a couple.  The two of you are just enjoying the time you spend together without thinking too much about the future when you suddenly hear the news from Hana, your boss, that Kippei will be transferring to a branch in Nagoya.  (Apparently Nagoya is a couple hours away by bullet train.)  Kippei insists that he will not ask you to come with him; your future will be a decision that you make on your own.  You are forced to examine your priorities: will you stay in Tokyo to continue working the job you love or will you drop everything to be with Kippei? If you do decide to stay with Kippei, what will be the next step in your relationship?

Review with some spoilers, screenshots, and the single CG after the jump.  If you just want a walkthrough to reach the Super Happy Ending, go here instead.  

Kippei: Kippei is still the serious and awkward-when-expressing-his-emotions man you fell in love with during his main story.  A common theme woven through his sequel is “family”.  He meets yours.  And you meet his.  (Well, as much as you can possibly meet his.) 2013-08-18 02.04.13

Kippei also starts to reconcile the memories from his painful past with his brother.  And, as the story progresses, you can see that Kippei no longer sees himself as someone who is alone and without a family.  Now, he’s got you…2013-08-18 02.29.312013-08-18 02.28.17

My Opinion: If you are a fan of Kippei, I’m sure you’ve already bought and read his sequel.  However, non-fans might find this sequel a little slow.  I enjoy reading about how MC and Kippei’s relationship is taken to the next level, and I like Kippei’s emotional development.  However, the main plot line of Kippei’s transfer is unnecesarily drawn out.  Especially when you consider how it is resolved in his final chapter. (Seriously, why didn’t he just do that in the first chapter of the story when he heard he might be transferred?  Oh wait.  Because then Voltage would have no story.  And fans would have no reason to drop $3.99 in the App store.  Duh.)

I won’t deny there are a few cute moments…2013-08-18 02.31.222013-08-18 02.31.27

Another fun thing about this sequel is that Kiyoto, Shohei, Genji, and Ginnosuke all make appearances.  Here’s a screenshot with Kiyoto…2013-08-18 01.50.47Apparently, he is never going to let you live down your first failed marriage.

The Endings: Two are available: Super Happy and Happy.  Both endings are pretty similar and resolve the issues of the story: a decision is made about Kippei’s transfer, he proposes and asks you to help him start his own interior design company to fulfill his brother’s dream.  During the Super Happy Ending, he proposes after taking you to a fancy restaurant and hotel.  The next morning, you talk about finding a home together.  During the Happy Ending, he proposes to you in his apartment.  The next morning, the two of you head to work to announce your departure and say goodbye to your boss and coworkers.

And here is the CG.  (And what a nice CG it is too!)2013-08-18 03.05.46


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