Kenshi Inagaki – Sequel Review

2013-08-27 19.26.59(Note to self.  If I ever want to bring a huge smile to Kenshi’s face, all I need to do is go around and punch a villain or two.  Awesome.)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been a year since you’ve joined the Black Foxes.  You’ve been busy with your job during the day and missions with the other foxes at night.  One day, the director of your museum informs you that you will be in charge of a new exhibit with art from the country of Bulgania.  Unsurprisingly, it does not take long before you and the other foxes are dropped head first into an international mission involving a missing princess, stolen artwork, and a villain who wants to take over Bulgania.  Will you be able to get to the bottom of this mystery and survive this mission?  And what happens when you start to notice that the princess is acting strangely around your precious Kenshi?

Review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump.  Move over here if you just want a walkthrough.  

Kenshi: This firefighter is one my favorite Voltage heroes.  I haven’t written a review for his main story yet, but I really should.  Anyway.  Let’s get back on track.

Kenshi is his typical gallant, charming, sweet self.  And I also love that he is slightly ditzy.  It just adds to his charm. 2013-08-27 19.35.18(Don’t worry your pretty head about it, Kenshi.)

And yes.  In case you are wondering, next to him is the princess of this story (a beautiful, blue-eyed blonde with big boobs).

My Opinion: This is a unique story because you get to see how the MC handles jealousy.  MC stands at the sidelines for part of this story and watches as Princess Belis falls in love with Kenshi, who comes in and dazzles her like knight in shining armor.  2013-08-27 18.58.20 He even starts to pat her on the head.  Does that sound familiar? Gallant protector, pats girl on the head, adorable smile?  Yep, that’s exactly how the MC fell in love with Kenshi.  Now you get to watch him (unintentionally) use his smooth moves on a new girl.  And you get to watch the girl also fall in love with him.  
2013-08-27 19.00.45
(Gah!  Tell your chest to cut it out, princess!  Kenshi’s mine!)

MC is stuck in a dilemma since Kenshi has no idea that he affects the princess women in this way.  How do you criticize someone who doesn’t even realize what he’s doing?

Overall, this is a nice action story with a lot of cute moments.  (Did I mention that Kenshi accidentally fondles the princess during their first meeting?)  I found myself sucked in to the emotional dilemma between MC, Kenshi, and the princess right away.  The action plot is decent, with just a couple hiccups.

Hiccup #1: Why does MC have to go to Bulgania to apologize to the Prime Minister when she already apologized to him face to face when he was in Japan?  Yes, I understand Voltage wanted the next part of the story to happen in Bulgania, but the reason is very weak and contrived.  I know you can do better, Voltage.

Hiccup #2: I am unclear about whether or not the Black Foxes are trying to keep their identities hidden by the end of the story.  After the mission, Princess Belis introduces the Black Foxes as the heroes of Bulgania during a large political meeting.  Are the Black Foxes standing around in the middle of this room during the middle of the day with their faces covered? Or What about this moment? 2013-08-27 19.52.31They’re being honored at a Queen’s coronation… while disguised?  I have to assume they are disguised, but this just seems like a strange situation logistically.  Especially since everyone is conversing and using each other’s real names.  And did I mention that the villain of this story also figures out the MC’s identity as a museum employee and a Black Fox…? Just to mention a few loose strings that should have been cleaned up.

The Endings: There are two endings available: Happy and Good.  Both endings begin the exact same: Black Foxes attend Belis’ coronation as honored guests.  At one point, Belis pulls you away for a surprise makeover which renders Kenshi speechless.  Later on, she tries to gift the Black Foxes with a famous piece of art from her country as thanks for helping her get her country back.  At this point, the endings diverge.

During the Happy Ending, the Black Foxes celebrate in their hotel room during their last night at Bulgania.  You leave the point at some point by yourself, but Kenshi breaks into your room through the window and takes you out to a beautiful church where he surprises you with a gift.  And then he swears to cherish and protect you forever.

During the Good Ending, The Black Foxes are back at Boss’ restaurant in Japan.  While everyone celebrates a successful mission, you and Kenshi sneak away and climb onto the roof.  Kenshi surprises you with the gift while you enjoy the view.  Before the two of you can be too affectionate, the rest of the boys interrupt join you on the roof.

And here are the 3 CGs:

2013-08-27 20.00.59 2013-08-27 20.01.04 2013-08-27 20.01.09


4 thoughts on “Kenshi Inagaki – Sequel Review

  1. Kenshi’s in my top 3 favourites from Voltage *_* Light brown eyes, tall, firefighter, an absolutely charming personality, totally clueless… I’ll be waiting for your main story review =D In my opinion it is one of the most well-developed stories Voltage has ever put out =D

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