Kakeru Kamui – Sequel Review

2013-08-28 15.16.19

Basic Story Premise: It’s time for the annual Demon Ball: an opportunity for the aristocrats from the Demon Realm to reconnect with the Royal Demon Family.  Kakeru decides to bring you as his date so that he can informally present you as his girlfriend to the rest of the Demon Realm.  The ball does not end as well as you had hoped, but you have no time to worry about it when the Demon Realm is suddenly plunged into a sudden state of emergency: someone has infiltrated the armory in the Angel Realm and stolen the Poison of the Angel Realm.  This poison has the power to seal away a demon’s power or, in its undiluted form, even exterminate demons.  Who has stolen the Poison? And is it just your imagination or does the culprit appear to be targeting demons from the royal family?  Will you and Kakeru be able to find the thief and stop him/her before it is too late?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump.  No walkthrough because both endings are available to read after you finish through the story once.  

Kakeru: In case you forgot, Kakeru is the prince and heir of the Demon Realm. And he’s still quite bossy.  2013-08-28 14.46.07But you have managed to soften him up a little bit.  At least according to Kou, you have.  2013-08-28 15.25.38Even though he does still say stuff like this to you once in awhile.  2013-08-28 14.33.05

My Opinion: I’m not a huge fan of Voltage sequels, merely becase the stories are never (well, 95% of the time at least) as good as the main stories.  Keeping that in mind, this is a decent sequel where you get to see more of Kakeru in his role as Demon Prince.  You can really see how seriously he takes his role as protector of the Demon Realm.  And he does his best to integrate you, as MC, into his life as the prince.

This sequel is basically a “who-dun-it” mystery story.  Kakeru and MC search for clues, try to avoid traps, interrogate people, work with central intelligence, etc.  Meguru plays a large role in this story, and it is also nice to see Haruhito’s face around more often than he was in Kakeru’s main story.  Check Haruhito out in this gif. output_NvtYkm

Unfortunately, Shiki only makes one appearance in this story.  And he is his usual charming self.  One more gif for you. output_d3fVwk

Also, one more small complaint from me: MC is not as tart and spunky as I remember her being in Kakeru’s main story.  Oh well.

Overall, This is a solid sequel from Voltage, but I felt like the plot in this story is rushed along very quickly: Voltage could have added a few chapters or made them a little bit longer to stretch the story out.  I kind of felt like I could have enjoyed the plot a little more if I wasn’t sprinting through the storyline.

The Endings: There are 2 endings available: Super Happy and Happy Ending.  Both endings involve the demons of the Demon Realm being grateful to you for helping avert disaster.  They are actually so grateful that they decide to honor you… with another ball.  Not to worry, though: this ball is less embarrassing for you.  After the ball, the two of you are able to squeeze in some affectionate time as a couple (during the Super Happy Ending, this occurs in the VIP room the demons gift you with and during the Happy Ending, you and Kakeru merely spend some extra time in the now vacant hall where the ball took place).  One more difference between the endings is an extra scene during the Super Happy Ending where you get a chance to go down to the dungeon and talk to the villains from this story.  They may be the villains, but they aren’t completely evil in this story.

And here are the CGs!

2013-08-28 15.29.59 2013-08-28 15.30.13 2013-08-28 15.30.29


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