Morgan – Sequel Review

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Basic Story Premise: Captain Morgan brings you along when he goes to Pirate Island for a Captains Meeting.  At the meeting, the other pirate captains inform Morgan that there are rumors of men who are calling themselves the Sirius Pirates and raiding towns and villages.  You, Morgan, and the Sirius crew immediately set off to capture the imposters.  When you and the crew confront the imposters, you are met by a masked man who is determined to kill Captain Morgan.  The situation only becomes more complicated when you realize that there is a deeper conspiracy at play: someone is working with the Navy to try to take the title of the Pirate King.  How will the Sirius pirates overcome this new set of enemies?  Will the two of you be the next casualties of the Tragedy of the Pirate King, the legend that states that Pirate Kings who fall in love will meet their demise soon after?

More of my review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump.  If you just want a walkthrough, I suggest you view this post instead.  

Morgan: In his sequel, Morgan is faced with the dilemma of dual identities: the identity of his brother which he took upon himself and his old mercenary self.  2013-08-27 13.25.15When he is faced with a sudden death or life situation, he realizes that he is not the same swordsman he used to be.  2013-08-19 23.31.05

My Opinion: This story is an action adventure where different individuals fight for the position as Pirate King.  There are a few moments of comic relief here and there like in this gif.output_XfQVYpBut I definitely wouldn’t call this story a comedy.

Also, the MC resorts to hiding in barrels again in this sequel. (Just like she hides in a barrel during the Prologue.) output_we5ST6You know, for the woman who captured the heart of a feared mercenary/pirate king, I think I was expecting a little bit more than someone who instinctively hides.  In a barrel.

Overall, even though I wish the MC was spunkier/tougher in this story, I enjoyed the action plot Voltage created in this sequel.  Diaz’ character is developed well, and Voltage was kind enough to give him a (somewhat cliche) back story.  Morgan’s character is also developed further in his sequel.  He must do some introspective thinking to figure out how and if he and MC can work together as a team.  I did have one specific complaint: everyone seems to be figuring out that Captain Morgan is not the real Captain Morgan.  How was he able to impersonate his brother for so long when it looks like people are regularly coming up to him and figuring out that he is not the original Morgan?

The Endings: 2 are available, Super Happy and Happy.  Both endings start with Morgan and MC defeating the villain.  During the Super Happy Ending, Morgan claims you as his woman in front of a large crowd during an informal ceremony where the aristocrats try to offer Morgan a position as a legally approved pirate.  (And he responds in an entertaining manner; I won’t give it away here.) During the Happy Ending, after the villain is taken away, the aristocrats allow the pirates to briefly stay in peace as thanks for capturing the villain.  The Sirius crew return to their ship at the port and celebrate their victory.

And take a peek at the CGs: (The second one makes me think of the 3 Musketeers.  All for one, and one for all?)2013-08-27 20.29.35 2013-08-27 20.29.39 2013-08-27 20.29.43


3 thoughts on “Morgan – Sequel Review

  1. Ok. I was thinking. It would be super fun to have a comparison between all the voltage story men… I’m making them sound like warriors. But for instance;
    Saeki (MFW), Haku (AKD), Riki (LLFTX)

    See? Along those lines..

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