Satoru Kamagari – Sequel Review

2013-08-29 03.35.16(Classic Satoru.  Always knows how to make MC blush.)

Just a quick side note for those people who don’t read my entire review because they want to avoid spoilers: First off, before I even jumping into a basic story premise, I want to say… that this sequel is probably one of my favorites.  I usually don’t have very high expectations for Voltage sequels (in my opinion, main stories tend to be better, longer, and a better use of my money).  But I was pleasantly surprised when I realized Satoru’s sequel is extremely entertaining.  I haven’t created a Top 5 Sequels list, but if I did… his would have to be included.

Basic Story Premise: You and Satoru are living the life of a happy couple.  This includes quiet evenings of watching soap operas in Satoru’s room.  (Although, he spends more time distracting you than actually watching the television.)  However, your peaceful life as a couple is disturbed when the demons realize that something may be wrong with the Fate Database: the number of human candidates that are marked to become toast has been increasing at an abnormal rate.  When humans start dropping into comas around you, the demons conclude that someone is manipulating the Fate Database.  You and Satoru must stop the culprit before it is too late.  And if things weren’t complicated enough already, a handsome new suitor decides to show up… and he’s determined to charm you right out of Satoru’s arms.

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump.  No walkthrough because both endings are available to read after you finish through the story once.

Satoru: Satoru is well developed in his sequel.  He’s still slightly insulting and rude. Check out this gif.output_wOMweoAnd his work his still very important to him.  However, your presence has managed to soften his sharp edges.  Because he is a softer Satoru than he is in his Main Story, you may find him even more charming in his sequel than before.

When you meet his team Captain from his past, the Captain mentions how glad he is that Satoru has changed to become less self-centered and more of a team player.  Here’s another gif for you.output_p5DUbT

My Opinion: The best part of this sequel is reading the banter between the characters.  As you can see from the above gifs, the MC is a bit more spunky than she is in some of Voltage’s other stories.  Between Satoru’s smart-ass comments, the MC’s cute retorts, and the new guy–

By the way, let me introduce you to Tsubasa.  Here is just one more gif for you.  output_vbUMnU
So, between these three characters, there are a lot of entertaining interactions that will make you laugh.  I certainly did.  Actually, I enjoyed reading the interactions so much I can overlook the action plot which was a little predictable.  (And a little dull if you aren’t a fan of political manipulation.  I’m definitely not a politics type of person, so I found those parts a little slow.)

Also of note is that the presence of the other demon boys is very minimal.  You will catch short glimpses of Shiki, Haru, and Meguru.  Kakeru is around a little more frequently, but only because he’s part of demon politics.

Overall: I personally found this sequel extremely entertaining.  Don’t regret dropping $4 on it one bit.

The Endings: Another unique thing about this story is its endings.  Voltage created two endings (Super Happy and Happy) that start the same way (MC must find medicine to cure Satoru) but quickly branch out and become very different.  Make sure you check out both endings.  During the Super Happy Ending, MC is able to find the medicine, heal Satoru, and the two recommit to each other.  During the Happy Ending, MC must make a bigger sacrifice in order to get the medicine Satoru needs to survive.

The CGs2013-08-29 04.17.28 2013-08-29 04.17.43 2013-08-29 04.17.57


2 thoughts on “Satoru Kamagari – Sequel Review

  1. Hey Diora ❤ Thank you so much for always posting up your reviews they're so helpful haha. I was wondering how you got the happy end for this one? I went through multiple bad choices but no matter how I tried I couldn't get the freaking happy ending no matter how many different choices I made :/

    • Hi there! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. The holidays have been keeping me busy.

      But just wanted to check in with you, have you managed to figure out the answers to the happy ending or would you still like a walkthroughs? Let me know if I can help!


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