Issei Sezaki – Main Story Review

2013-09-13 03.29.13(Hey, I’m a woman on a mission; there is no escape!)

Basic Story Premise: You decide that the best way to get close enough to the director and carry out your revenge is by getting close to his son, Issei Sezaki. It takes you awhile to break past Sezaki’s cold exterior, but you are slowly able to gain his trust. Unfortunately, you also realize that you are starting to fall for him. You struggle to carry out your plan for revenge against his father while getting distracted by Sezaki’s kiss. Will you be able to pull yourself together long enough to kill the director? And what happens to your vendetta when you realize that Sezaki may have played an important role leading to the death of your mother 12 years ago?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the cut. No walkthrough because both endings are available once you finish the story. If you are looking for my review for Sezaki’s Another Story, it can be found here.

Sezaki: Issei is a talented doctor who takes his job and responsibility very very very seriously. (Let me throw one more “very” in there, just for good measure. If an act does not involve saving or helping the lives of his patients, then he considers it a waste of time. 2013-09-13 03.06.30As you progress through the story, you learn that Sezaki is tortured by a mistake he made in his past. To be more precise, a mistake he made 12 years ago.

If you prefer heroes who make you laugh uncontrollably or can sweet talk you right out of your clothes, I recommend that you choose a different character. But if you enjoy reading stories with heroes who are [initially] cold, isolated, and damaged… then Sezaki is definitely a puzzle you will want to put back together.

My Opinion: This is the first Revenge story I have played. I enjoy the fact that the MC is a career woman who has a strong, stubborn personality. I also like the fact that MC tries to manipulate the other characters.

…Okay, that sounds a little wrong. I guess what I’m trying to say is – a lot of Voltage stories revolve around an innocent (and usually somewhat clueless) MC who is really good at putting herself in weird/unusual/laughable situations. This story is different because I felt like MC had more control and purpose in the story. And although she quickly loses control, she sets out with a clearly defined goal.

Going back to the story though… be prepared. This is a sad one. This main story focuses on the emotional relationship between you and Sezaki as the two of you fall in love, figure out what happened with your mother, and try to come to terms with it in your own ways. There is a lot of inner monologue with the MC that basically sounds like this: “oh, I need to carry out my revenge” but “oh no I care about Sezaki” but then “I can’t let my mother down” but wait “he’s not the type to do something so cruel and selfish” but “he deserves it because he was involved” and repeat.

To break up some of the monotony of the MC’s predicament, you’ve got the other characters. Kyosuke is around to offer some comic relief when he tries to flirt with you lightheartedly. 2013-09-13 03.07.10

And Junpei plays the role of “friend from the past who has always loved you” adorably well. 2013-09-13 02.48.03

Overall, I like Voltage’s latest story about revenge. However, I think I am more in love with the concept of having the overall revenge theme than I am with Sezaki’s Main Story. Even though Sezaki isn’t my favorite hero (and I had such high hopes for him!), the final act that he takes at the end of his story to try to atone for his mistake 12 years ago definitely warmed my heart and made me say “aweee”.

The Endings: There are 2 available: Happy and Good. I would say that only the last 15-20% of the 2 endings are different. They both start like this: MC chases Sezaki down but is unable to express her feelings. Before he turns away, he asks to see your smile one last time and requests that you let go of your desire for revenge now that he has tried to set things right for you. The next day at the hospital, Irie informs you still have your job becase Sezaki took measures to protect you from being exposed. And then he asks you to find Sezaki and convince him to come back. During the Good Ending, you find Sezaki, confess your real feelings, and bring him back to the hospital. During the Happy Ending, you eventually find Sezaki at your mother’s grave Sezaki stumbles upon you while you wait for him at your mother’s grave. He overhears you asking your mother for permission to love him, and the two of you are able to share an emotional moment.

His story comes with 5 CGs:

2013-09-13 05.02.22 2013-09-13 05.02.36 2013-09-13 05.02.51 2013-09-13 05.03.08 2013-09-13 05.03.21


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