Ken – Sequel Review

2013-09-10 20.46.24(What a generous offer.  Especially considering the fact that you’ve misplaced your own clothes.  Hmm…)

Basic Story Premise: It’s been a few months since you’ve arrived at the castle, and you are trying to settle into your role as the Princess.  However, you start to doubt yourself when you hear rumors that there are citizens of Rapier who do not approve of you being the princess.  To help you take your mind off of your worries, Ken suggests that the two of you run off for a few days. While disguised as normal citizens, you and Ken become recruited into the Rapier Defense Force.  The current mission? To discover whether or not the princess of Rapier is actually an imposter.  Who hired the Defense Force to investigate you? And will you and Ken be able to hide your identities long enough to get to the bottom of things?

The rest of my review (with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs) available after the jump. No walkthrough because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once. 

Ken: Ken remains a strong supporter and protector in his sequel.  2013-09-10 20.19.50However, I personally felt that his character and personality take a backseat in this sequel.  (Which is a bit unusual, considering that this is his sequel after all.)  This story focuses more on the MC and a problem she has to overcome before her official coronation.  Ken is merely there as… your sidekick.  Basically, he: protects you from minor things here and there, makes a few comments to help push along the plot, says a few cute things to remind you that he is your love interest.  That’s about it.  There’s no physically difficult challenge/villain that Ken has to face to protect you.  There is no romantic dilemma which causes drama between the two of you.  There is no emotional sacrifice or choice for him to face or overcome.  His job as the hero is… really easy.

My Opinion: Okay, so that’s a complaint I have with this story.  (Hey, this is Ken’s sequel, remember?  I expect him to actually have a big, important role in it!) Let’s move on to a few more positive things.

2013-09-12 12.06.22Shion is present to offer you some of his smart-ass comments.

You also meet a new character.  Ryu, leader of the Rapier Defense Force.  You meet him while you and Ken are disguised as commoners.  2013-09-10 20.39.22Yep, as the leader of this elite team of citizens who are safeguarding the streets of Rapier, he quickly makes the observation that you have the same name as the Princess.  I guess there is no fooling this guy.2013-09-10 20.39.33…Or not.

Oh well.  He is still very likeable even though he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.  (It would be unfair if he had looks and brains, right?)

Overall, I did enjoy the plot of having the MC go back to her roots and acting like a commoner again for a few chapters.  Ryu is entertaining, and the idea of the Rapier Defense Force is intriguing.  (Hopefully, Voltage will continue to put them into other sequels and stories.)  However, I found myself thinking that Ken was a little boring because he did not have a big enough role.

Now on to some random screenshots I wanted to add to my review:

2013-09-13 00.36.27Great!  Thanks for the offer, Kunihiko Boss Kyoto Ryu!  (What is with Voltage characters owning/working in bars?)

And just one more!  2013-09-10 20.21.23That’s what she said.

(Hey, who doesn’t like screenshots that can be taken out of context?  The only way this would be funnier is if straight-laced Lute had said it.)

The Endings: There are 2 endings available: Happy and Good.  They are both very similar: you have a very successful coronation ceremony and even say a great speech. In the Happy Ending, you end up going to Kenny’s room after the ceremony where you want to reward him with a “mature kiss” for helping you, and the two of you get some private time alone.  In the Good Ending, everyone congratulates you on your speech, and then you go to your room to change for the party.  Kenny walks in while you are changing (and somehow ends up holding your underwear).  Before the two of you get too intimate, the rest of the knights come knocking on your door.

And there are 3 CGs2013-09-13 01.18.48 2013-09-13 01.19.01 2013-09-13 01.19.25


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