Shiki Kurobane – Main Story Review

2013-09-13 13.41.16(This is Shiki’s version of a compliment.  Seriously.)

Basic Story Premise: You ask for 10 more days to live so that you can confess your feelings for someone you have only loved from afar.  And you choose Shiki to be your unwilling demon guardian.  Shiki is a difficult demon to deal with: he calls you an idiot, says you look gross, and even headbutts you (yes, really).  And yet, you find yourself enjoying spending time with him more and more with each passing day when you should be focusing on confessing your love to someone else.  Is it possible that you are falling in love with Shiki instead? What does this mean for the two of you, since you are a human doomed as “toast”? Can Shiki come up with a way to save you?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available to read after you finish the story once. 

Shiki: Shiki is a bit anti-social and isn’t afraid to say what he is thinking.  Especially when it comes to rude comments.  2013-09-13 13.40.51He also has a few childish tendencies: he loves to collect toys.  And he wants to spend about 20 hours of his day sleeping.

But once you get over the derogatory comments, you figure out that he is actually a very gentle, caring guy.  He goes out of his way to try to help you (in his own awkward, inappropriate way) confess your hidden feelings to Susumu, the guy you’ve had a crush on from work.  2013-09-13 06.37.01(Wait, yeah… what are you doing on this train?  Shouldn’t you be on a ship somewhere?  Sailing with Captain Alan and following Captain Morgan around?  And where’s your twin brother? Anyone else think this guy looks a lot like the twins for Pirates in Love?)

If you want Shiki to spout off poems and flowery words of love, you will be waiting a long time.  Even when he finally admits his feelings, he will still behave… like Shiki.  Refer to this gif. output_w1Xpi2But he is still quite adorable and endearing.  I found that Haruhito says it best.

2013-09-13 07.01.18(Sheeks.  Hahaha.  Sheeks.  Love that nickname.)

My Opinion: This is not an action story (like Kakeru‘s story).  Instead, this is a romantic drama/comedy.  With cute moments like in this gif. Context: Haru has just walked in on you giving Sheeks a hug.  Haru quickly closes the door, but then comes back a moment later… output_YLv2Og

You somehow worm yourself into Sheeks’ heart around Chapter 5, and when you start to notice Shiki’s softer side you start having feelings for him as well.  There is no real “villain” in this story, but Kakeru is the closest thing to a “villain” if this story had one… simply because he is trying to prevent a romantic relationship between a demon and human occurring (he’s such a stickler for rules, after all).

Overall, even though Shiki calls you an idiot (many times, I probably should have kept a tally), I enjoyed this story.  You get to watch the contrary Shiki fall in love, and Haruhito is great at offering comic relief.  Also, Shiki secretly sacrifices everything for you at the end of his story, and by the time you figure it out, it is way too late.  His level of commitment to you is touching.

I did have one “WTF” moment, and that involves the MC’s crush from work, Susumu.  The reason he suddenly pays attention to MC and asks her out on dates is revealed… and it is really rather dumb.  But, I guess this is a romantic comedy, and stories like that don’t usually have flawless plotlines.  Oh well.

The Endings: There are 2 available: Super Happy and Happy.  The two endings are mostly different, which is always nice.  (I would say only about 15% of the ending are the same.) In the endings, you discover that Shiki has not been terminated after all.  The two of you head back to the Demon House where Shiki explains what happens to you and the other boys.  And then the endings branch off here.

In the Super Happy Ending, everyone celebrates over dinner, but Sheeks leaves the table early to go to bed since he is tired.  After dinner, MC returns to her room to find that Shiki is actually asleep in her bed.  Shiki wakes up; the two confess their feelings for each other and spend the night together.

In the Happy Ending, everyone wants to celebrate but there is no food, so MC volunteers to go shopping.  Sheeks goes with you of course, and on your way back the two of you start arguing over a stuffed alpaca.  You and Shiki are still debating about who owns the alpaca when you get back to your room; the other demons are wondering why you guys are fighting like a pair of 5 year olds.  During the middle of the arguement, you guys fall off the bed and accidentally kiss.  (I’m not sure which is harder to believe: that you’re arguing over a stuffed alpaca or that you accidentally kiss while falling off a bed).  The next morning, Haru offers Shiki is own bed since he is still tired from the night before, but Shiki tries to accompany you to work.  (That’s right.  You know Shiki is really in love if he is willing to give up on his sleep.) The Happy Ending is very entertaining, make sure you check it out.

And here are the CGs.  2013-09-13 13.57.32 2013-09-13 13.57.43 2013-09-13 13.57.54 2013-09-13 13.58.06 2013-09-13 13.58.18


4 thoughts on “Shiki Kurobane – Main Story Review

  1. Wow, I never noticed how much Susumu looks exactly like the twins from Pirates in Love lol No wonder I didn’t like the guy plus his random trying to sell you an urn was weird as heck

      • Yeah the urns was so out there. XD It was like, I didn’t know if I should be weirded out or laughing.
        I really loved this story overall, though. Honestly, it might have been the best I’ve played(I have only played free otome games, though). Maybe I am into the ‘Kuudere’ nature, or because I felt like I could really relate to him.

  2. Hello! It seems like you have most of the stories from 10 days with my devil! Could you please upload the stories online? T_T I don’t want to spend money on this.

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