Haruhito Amano – Main Story Review

2013-09-14 15.39.07(Haru… you always say the most interesting things…)

Basic Story Premise: You ask for an extra 10 days to live because your best friend is getting married, and you were planning to play the piano for her at her reception. You’ve chosen the enigmatic Haruhito to be your demon. He is an oddball, and you find it difficult to understand him at first. However, you quickly realize that underneath his strange comments is a sweet guy who goes out of his way to try to cheer you up when you are sad. Eventually, you learn that Haru is currently a demon because he previously failed as an Angel. As the two of you get closer, the other demons start to worry: for to become an Angel again, Haruhito must turn you into toast. If he interferes with that in any way, he will face termination. What lengths will Haru go to try to save you? And… what will you try to do to save him?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump. No walk-through because both endings are available after you read through the story once.

Haruhito: Haru is the weird one of the bunch. But not like creepy-weird. More like adorable-weird.

2013-09-14 01.47.57

And, he always manages to say things that are kind of rude or mean… with the biggest smile on his face. 2013-09-14 01.52.16

Like I stated in the basic premise, he used to be an angel. However, he got too close to a toastee and was banished from the Angel Realm. 2013-09-14 02.02.02(See, there he goes again saying negative things with a huge smile on his face!)

Because of what happened in his past, he is obsessed with “Fate.” Everything happens because it was “fate,” and so he believes that there is no use in trying to change what is meant to be. Dont worry though: You, the MC, come in and force him to question his belief about fate.

My Opinion: This is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with a charming hero. His strange-ness leads to some hilarious moments. Like when he first meets your best friend. Refer to this gif. output_0YH85T

Not to mention what happens when you come home from work one day and notice that Haruhito was kind enough to cook dinner for everyone… Here’s another gif for you. output_hEUGk4

Overall (even though I usually prefer stories with action) I think this is my current favorite story from the Devil stories because it is just so very entertaining. You can’t help but find Haruhito amusing and loveable. Seriously. How can you resist a guy who breaks into song in the middle of the street just to cheer you up? Last gif, I promise. output_KXKxgF(If you like this song, he sings you two more songs later. But you will have to read the story to see how they go!)

My only complaint with the story line would be the weak reason why you don’t end up being toasted after all. It’s just… too simple. However, this is a really minor complaint and didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the story. In addition, I really like how Voltage dealt with Haru’s Angel-Demon status at the end of his story. (Sorry, I won’t be giving it away in my review!)

The Endings: There are 2 available: Super Happy and Happy. I would say that approximately 50% of the two endings are the exact same. In both endings, you return back to your life the way it was before the demons waltzed in. (They used their powers to fix things and erase other people’s memories.) The days seem so normal, that you start to doubt that your time with the demons was real.

In the Super Happy Ending, Rein shows up and takes you to a church where Haru is sitting at a piano and playing your song. He wasn’t exterminated after all. The two of you share a few kisses and look forward to a new beginning together. (And at some point during this ending, he also sings you another song: “A Song to Make [insert your name here] Feel Better, No. 2”)

In the Happy Ending, you are on your way to work one day when… you are run over by a familiar dog. It’s Haru and Cerby. Haru asks you how you feel about him and even sings you yet another song (this one is titled “A Song to Make [your name here] Smile”). The two of you kiss and live happily ever after.

And the CGs!

2013-09-14 15.57.31 2013-09-14 15.57.44 2013-09-14 15.57.56 2013-09-14 15.58.07 2013-09-14 15.58.20


One thought on “Haruhito Amano – Main Story Review

  1. omg I read your article and fell in love with Haru~ But why isn’t there full version of mainstory of himm 😦
    Thank you so much for the info thou!

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