Junpei Miyashita – Main Story Review

2013-09-13 22.33.31(Hmmm… in a normal situation, that is a good great thing.  But when I’m in the middle of trying to murder someone… maybe not so much.)

Basic Story Premise: You try to focus on your quest for revenge now that you’ve gotten your job at the hospital.  However, Junpei, an old friend from your past, seems determined to distract you.  Now that you’re back in his life, he doesn’t want to let you slip away again.  Even though you still care for Junpei, you quickly realize that a relationship with him will negatively affect your mission to kill the director. What lengths will you go to try to discourage Junpei, even though being rude to him breaks your heart?  Will you be able to keep your plot for revenge hidden from the person who seems to know you better than you know yourself?  In the end, will you end up choosing revenge… or love?

My review with some spoilers, screenshots, and CGs after the jump.  No walk-through because both endings are available after you finish reading the story through once.  My review for his “Another Story” can be found right here.  

Junpei: Junpei is an old flame from high school.  He’s sweet, funny, selfless… basically an all-around great guy.  And, he only has eyes for you.  He remembers events from your past better than you do and seems to understand you completely, even though you desperately try to convince him otherwise.  And he looks after you from Day 1.  Check out this gif. output_ZhouoR

My Opinion: Honestly, Junpei deserves a medal for being the Best Potential Love Interest Ever because you seriously put him through a lot of crap.  Here’s just a short list of a few things…

1. He gets the courage to admit that he used to be in love with you years ago.  See this gif.  output_8PlBAvAnd, of course, you respond in the best way by saying — 2013-09-13 21.17.25

2. He offers you a movie ticket to go see a remake of a movie that holds a special place in his heart because it was the first one the two of you saw together when you were in high school.  You respond by… offering the movie ticket to another woman.  2013-09-13 21.55.07

3. He finally confesses that he still has feelings for you.  You try to convince him– 2013-09-13 21.55.51

There’s probably a few more things I can throw on this “Ways In Which MC Crushes Junpei’s Hopes and Dreams” list, but I will stop right here for now.

Overall, this is an adorable story about how an old flame has to win you over.  Compared to Sezaki’s story, there is more comedy (since Junpei has a sillier personality — well, actually, everyone has a sillier personality than Sezaki), and there are also more “romantic moments” since Junpei is less uptight more in tune with his emotions.  I think I personally prefer Junpei’s story to Sezaki’s, but it is difficult to compare the two since they are two different types of stories.  Sezaki’s is a heavy, emotional story about tragedy and loss while Junpei’s is more light-hearted.

The Endings: There are 2 available: Happy and Good.  I would say about 60% of the two endings are the exact same before they diverge into separate directions.  In both endings, Sezaki performs the surgery in order to save Junpei.  The MC realizes that Junpei is more important to her than getting revenge and decides her quest is over.  Irie and Sezaki inform MC that the director will be forced to resign and tell her that she is still needed in the hospital to help them deal with the chaos.

In the Good Ending: MC says she needs to think and does not return to the hospital for several days.  Eventually Junpei tracks her down (even though he should still be recovering at the hospital) and helps you realize that you became a doctor not just to get revenge but also to help people.  He finally convinces you, and everyone welcomes you back to the hospital with open arms.

In the Happy Ending: MC remains at the hospital, and when she has doubts about continuing her work as a doctor, Junpei motivates her.  You decide to stay, and you are surprised by how normal your day back at work is after your disastrous confrontation with the director.  Before you leave for the night, you head up to the rooftop.  Junpei finds you there, and the two of you reaffirm your love and commitment to each other.

Remember, this is a bare-bones summary of what happens in each of the endings!  If you want to find out all the romantic, adorable details, you will have to read the endings for yourself!

And let’s move on to the CGs!

2013-09-14 00.08.41 2013-09-14 00.08.54 2013-09-14 00.09.16 2013-09-14 00.09.30 2013-09-14 00.09.42


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