Kiss of Revenge – Invite a Friend Campaign Images

Title screen

With the release of their latest app, Kiss of Revenge, Voltage Inc has included a new aspect to their otome games called “Invite a Friend Campaign.”

I personally think that this is a bullshit method they are using to have users shamelessly advertise their app for them.  Not to mention inflate their reviews in the App store with people who are begging for you to add their codes.  I’m already willing to download and spend money on the stories from the app.  Why do I need this useless social component?  If this was a free game, feel free to force me to add frends and leave messages on the boards of strangers like in the GREE voltage games.  I’m willing to jump through more hoops for you since it is free.  (You say “jump” to which I say “how high.”) But for an app in which I’m already dropping good money?  (Do I also need to wipe your rear for you?)

Anyway, the images you can earn are posted after the jump.  Enjoy them without having to beg people to type in a random assortment of letters and numbers for you. ImageImageImageImageImage


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